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Post in Dostrotime [2024]
Listening party next Thursday, RSVP on Bandcamp. 


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Dostrotime [2024]
Purchase link will be added when it is available.

Catalog number is WARPDD366. Album length is 59:09.

Release date: 01 March 2024

Will be available as:

Vinyl 2xLP, Coloured Vinyl (Neon Pink vinyl)

Vinyl 2xLP (Black vinyl)


WAV 24bit (24-bit lossless)

WAV/FLAC (16-bit lossless)

MP3 (320kbps, LAME Encoded)


Arkteon 1 [03:00]

Enbounce [06:30]

Wendorlan [06:19] [If the YouTube link doesn't work, click here.]

Duneray [06:29]

Kronmec [04:37]

Arkteon 2 [02:33]

Holorform [04:44]

Akkranen [05:29]

Stromcor [05:02]

Domelash [06:18]

Heliobat [03:47]

Arkteon 3 [04:21]

How the album was teased/found:
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Blackbox Life Recorder Album Art Template
I wasn't originally planning on doing this, but I really like the album art for Blackbox Life Recorder and the more I looked at it the more I wanted to see if I could recreate it like I did with the Collapse artwork. I came up with something that I thought was half decent and I would be remiss if I did not share it with fellow fans in case at least one person might want to use it.

Just like the Collapse template, I've made it so that you can upload any image that you want and it will automatically adhere to the 3d cube (just make sure the image is a square, otherwise it will be stretched). This template unfortunately uses the more resource-intensive rendering engine in order to mimic the lighting and shadows more closely, so your computer will chug along a bit as it renders. It shouldn't take any more than a few minutes unless you have a really old computer. If you have a laptop, the fans will most likely kick on quite loudly. The file is in the .zip attached and you can download Blender for free to use it.

I've included a screenshot with instructions in the file. It's not completely foolproof for people who have never used Blender for modeling and rendering, but I've tried my best to make it as easy as possible for anyone to try it out. If you want to live preview the image before rendering, hold the Z button and slide up to Rendered in the viewport section with the cube in it. To switch back, hold the Z button and slide to the right to Solid. If you keep it on the Rendered screen for too long it will eat up resources, so I would do that only to see briefly what it looks like and then switch back to the Solid view.

I've attached some test renders, one with a similar texture to the album art as well as others with different tones and colors just to see how they would look:

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Aphex Twin - Blackbox Life Recorder 21f / in a room7 F760 [WAP480C] (July 28, 2023)
Blackbox Life Recorder 21f / in a room7 F760 by Aphex Twin

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What TV series are you watching at moment?
I just finished watching all the seasons of Tim & Eric: Awesome Show, Great Job. Goddamn hilarious.
And I've started watching Sons Of Anarchy. Reminds me alot of The Sopranos, just with bikers of course. it's quite entertaining.
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Boards of Springfield
Boards of Springfield
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Soundcloud laying off 20% of their workforce


I definitely don't take any glee in people losing their jobs, but soundcloud has turned into such a garbage pile. It's amazing how bad it got. I had some kind of subscription to upload, and it was still spamming me constantly to switch to some other kind of subscription to upload and then another additional subscription to listen to stuff... and then started playing long adds when I'm just listening to some random person's music. I get they need to monetize the system but I would think having something people actually want to use would come first.


Anywho, hope something like this but better comes along. I really like bandcamp but there were some social/sharing aspects of SC that were nice (and probably shouldnt be replicated by bandcamp)
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Deee-Lite - Try Me On (Plaid Remix)
So I recently acquired a promo CD for Deee-Lite's 96 remix comp, Sampladelic Relics, and it contains a few remixes that are apparently unreleased. Included on it is a Plaid remix of Try Me On... I'm Very You. It seems to have been released on promo vinyl and as a Japanese bonus track, but that's it. Does anyone know anything else about this track?
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Four Tet Wins Streaming Royalties Lawsuit Against Record Label
From BBC News: https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-61871547

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µ-Ziq - Further Electronix Trax

All proceeds support Red Cross Ukraine Appeal

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Massive sale at Suction Records' shop - RX-101, D'Arcangelo, Solvent, Lowfish, Skanfrom, etc

Suction Records began in 1997, making this year our label's 25th anniversary! Massive sale on now - 50-75% off on many items, and most of our stock available at a discount. Get your fix from one of the longest running electro/IDM/synth labels in the biz, from now until April 1.

USA/Canada: https://suction.shop/collections/on-sale

Europe/UK: https://suction-eu.shop/collections/on-sale

BONUS postcard set, featuring photos of Aphex Twin's old hand-etched Yamaha CS-5 synth (originally included with our 2020 edition of Solvent's sold-out "RDJCS5-ep"), will be included with every order over $20/€20, while supplies last!
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afx nft
afx nft
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Jega on bandcamp
Looks like a good chunk of the Jega catalog got added to bandcamp



geometry and spectrum are classics. gotta pull my copies off the shelf! i met him in SF once when he played in the basement of a bar in chinatown. some stories exist from that night for sure.
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My attempt to perfectly recreate Aphex Twin's "Xtal" and "Ageispolis"
A little project I've been working on in between writing my own stuff.

I've always been fascinated with SAW 85-92 and how it was created, as there's not a whole lot of info about it on the internet.

I thought it would be a fun challenge to try to recreate some of the tracks to maybe find out myself, through trial an error, how some of it was made.


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Jake Slazenger - Ace in the Hole
More Slazenger incoming next week:

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Deftones - Pink Maggit (Squarepusher remix)
just saw deftones are dropping a white pony remix album in december, and our boy tom will be fuckin up pink maggit. no previews online yet afaik, but will keep looking...

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Aphex Twin Billboards and Posters Appear Across the World

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John Doran Tours Cornwall - Selected Ambient Walks: Aphex Twin, Mythology & Landscape
John Doran Tours Cornwall - Selected Ambient Walks: Aphex Twin, Mythology & Landscape
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Someone made a really quite great 80 min video about BOC's work that's not nearly as lame as it sounds. Made me emotional tbh. Might be rather "tell me something i dont know" for a few of you but it's still very well put together

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Wagon Christ - Recepticon  (10/24/2020)
Wagon Christ - Recepticon (10/24/2020)
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Autechre - SIGN   16.10.20
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Three new Cylob's tomorrow?
"released August 28th 2020 on Cylob Industries"




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Tusken Raiders - Bantha Trax Vol. 3
Tusken Raiders - Bantha Trax Vol. 3
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Bogdan Raczynski - Samurai Math Beats (2020 Reissue)
I've got an original pressing from back in the day, but still awesome to see this being reissued-


Really hoping they reissue Boku Mo Wakaran, which has been on my wantlist since forever.
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Konx-om-Pax - Astronomical Objects (Display Copy)

I wrote the album mainly in the first month of lockdown, decided to re-launch my label and this is the first release since 2013. During the making I’d been listening to a lot of jungle, stuff like Photek… however it didn’t seem to make sense to make tracks with drums but I like the idea of still using that low end sub and adopt those techniques to beatless tracks,“Canopus” being the most obvious example. The record also features a sublime rework of Arcturus by Mark Warren (Atom Earth Mother / Zoviet France) which takes the original version into deeper waters. I also managed to work with an old friend from Glasgow - Marie Claire White who suppled some stunning vocal takes that I enjoyed running through my Granular synth. The final track is a salvaged demo that I recorded in Clarks studio many years ago with Chris playing some of the synth parts and strings by Yamila Ríos.

A portion of the album sales will be donated to blacklivesmatter.com
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