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As with any community, there are rules which ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible, and that everyone gets along peacefully. These forums are no different. We recognize that not everyone gets along, but we also know that this doesn't mean that the world should stop turning.

This page of rules gives you the boundaries to work within. These aren't the default rules that come with the forum software, these are written by the administrators and moderators who deal with people on a daily basis. We would appreciate it if you could read through this page and absorb as much as humanly possible before posting.

These rules are also in a constant state of flux. Stay tuned for further episodes.



This board has been around for a while. There are literally thousands of topics here. Some topics could have been avoided simply by using the search function on this board. As much as we'd love to see you post questions about "the kick-ass outside violin solo" or "old tunes", we recommend that you search first and be informed.

Is the search perfect? Not by a long shot. Use Google when in doubt.


General Post Content

Most stuff can be posted in the general section of this board. However, if you are a musician/composer with questions, or require a critique, hop on over to the Expert Knob Twiddlers section. Posts will be moved by moderators/administrators if they feel something has been posted in the wrong place, with or sometimes without a link from the original forum.

The occasional announcement regarding a new album or an event you're involved with is alright, but if you make a regular habit of it, then you'll be asked to take your spam elsewhere. The Featured Artist forums should be used for content directly about or clearly related to that artist.


Why Did My Post Get Locked/Where Did My Post/Thread Go?

If you created a topic or a post, and then you find it was locked, can no longer find it or it appears to have been removed, DO NOT create a thread about "Why did my post get locked/Where did my thread/post go?".

Typically (not always) when threads get locked, the person locking the thread will post a reason why, and if your post or thread disappears or cannot be found, contact a Mod or Admin regarding it - you might also want to check your Warning Level as if it was something you shouldn't have been doing, chances are there's a warning regarding it.

Of course, you have the right to complain or plead your case if you feel it was not justified, but please remember this is not a democracy.



You will not violate anyone's privacy. This includes anything about people on, or off the board. Violating this rule will result in the instant removal of your account, without any prior warning. Posting of personal information (whether publicly available or not) is not allowed.

While you might not stalk someone to their place of residence, the weirdo who never posts but is always in threads just might so keep that in mind.

Posting of personal information regarding any artists we cover on WATMM is expressly forbidden, as we're here to admire their work, not hunt them down or invade their privacy.


Multiple Accounts

No sir, we don't like it. We can detect it. We know who you are. We will remove extra accounts. We occasionally audit the member records as well.

If you're having problems with your existing account, use the Support link on the main forum page.


Post Pumping

Each member account has a post count, this is the number of threads you have contributed to during your existence on this board. We do not give out prizes for high post counts.


Cross Posting

Cross posting is when you post the same information in more than one forum on this board. Violating this rule will result in a private message and a warning and one of the posts removed.



This is a big no-no. Violate this rule and we'll send you a private message, warn and/or ban you from this board. Racial discussions tend to start off innocently, but tend to degenerate into the wrong kind of talk.

Please be respectful of the fact that many people from many countries and nationalities visit the site. Just because somebody doesn't "act" like a certain ethnic group doesn't mean they are not part of one. Use of ethnic slurs or epithets are also frowned upon, even when used in a non-confrontational manner.



We don't mind a bit of salty language from time to time. It's not the language you use, it's the subject you're talking about that concerns us. However, just like you don't curse like a sailor in front of your mother or in public, those general rules of etiquette apply here as well.

Think of profanity as seasoning - a dash here and there is fine for spicing things up from time to time.


Warez (Illegal Software)

You cannot advertise, or discuss any type of warez (illegal software) on this board. This includes requests for warez, gamez, appz, cracks or keygens. We tend to frown on links to warez sites as well.


Digital Media Files/Links

Since this a website about music, it's natural to want to post stuff you find on file sharing sites and elsewhere. If it's your own music, fine, go ahead. We even suggest you get a Knob Twiddler account to allow larger uploads and other handy features other board members don't have.

However, if the music is not yours, we kindly ask that you respect the artist's wishes and not post entire sound files. 30 second to 1 minute clips are fine, and this generally does not apply to bootleg concerts or links to live performances or videos, assuming they are not commercially available or are available online elsewhere.

We reserve the right to remove any digital files we feel are a violation of this policy. Links to Bittorrents, YouSendIt, FileShare, etc. are also a violation if linked to copyrighted or commercially available material.


Leaks (not the vegetable)

In this wonderful digital age of ours, a lot of music gets released early, with or without the artist's consent - while discussion about leaked releases is inevitable, we do not allow nor condone discussion about how to get a leak, where to get it, etc.

Also, don't think you're clever by "hinting" at where to get something - support the artists by curbing this kind of discussion whenever possible. Also asking for info on leaks (again, being clever or otherwise) is discouraged and may warrant action from the management.


Sharing Music

Along the same lines above, asking for copyrighted music in a thread is generally frowned upon, as it does infringe upon the rights of the copyright holder. There's always exceptions to the rule, and if for any reason you are unsure about whether something is suitable to posting on the board and you are not the copyright holder, it's best to either ask a Mod or Administrator for advice.

Don't assume that if something is out of print that it's alright to post; the copyright on that music still exists, and should be respected. Of course, if it's your own music, then fine, go right ahead, as long as you're not overly spamming your music and it's done in the appropriate forum/subforum.

Asking for copyrighted music is generally a no-no as well, for the reasons stated above, as well as it's basically making the forum a P2P site or a links site, facilitating piracy of copyrighted material. Being slick about it and not directly asking for the music, but still obviously implying you'd like someone to send you a copy is also frowned upon.

Keep such discussions to PMs (Private Messages) or outside the forums. We can't stop you pirating music, but we do need to ensure that the forums don't get shut down over the overt sharing of copyrighted material.



We don't like to see links to direct files on other sites, so please, if you must direct your mates to something on the forum, post a link to the forum thread instead.

That goes the same for sites that host content. Respect their content and link to the page whenever possible.


Pornography and Mature Content

Posting of images and content that is pornographic or sexual in nature or deals with mature subject matter is not allowed. There is an entire internet full of sites and images, and if you're coming here looking for or to share such content, then you're in the wrong place.

While it is inevitable that something someone might find acceptable whereas others do not gets posted, please use your best judgement in doing so, and any images/links should be clearly marked "NSFW" (Not Safe For Work). Overtly sexual or pornographic threads and posts are absolutely not allowed.

Additionally, posting videos or images or links to shocking or explicit material showing death, suggested death, mutilation, etc. have absolutely no place on here - internet full of that stuff, etc. applies as well.

These rules apply to forum avatars, signatures, and personal profile images. Failure to do this, or repeated violation of these guidelines will result in your warning, suspension, and if serious enough, banishment from the forums. WATMM is about music first and foremost - let's keep it that way. If you find a thread or post that violates these rules, please report it to a Moderator or Admin so it can be removed or edited.


Blind links

Blind linking is where you hide the real destination of a link with a different address. For example, linking to goatse.cx.

Doing this will result in a private message, a warning and the post being edited to correct the link.



We allow some advertising under certain conditions:

  • You are a posting bot from an established label, such as Warp, or Planet-mu
  • You are a well-known regular on this board, who posts often

If you advertise on this board by setting up an account with no intention on joining the community (i.e., advertising is your first and only post) then your post will be locked, and you will receive a private message.



Although some posters should see this coming (see flame-baiting), the general rule is not to totally shoot someone down over a post. If the argument gets out of control then the moderators and administrators will step in and provide a more Draconian solution to the argument.


Flame Baiting

Don't do it. You will get warned. See the section on "The warning system" below.


Bumping/Resurrecting Dead Threads

This is the act of posting in a thread to simply keep the thread at the top of the forum. We don't like it. If you do this often you will get warned. Resurrecting dead/closed threads is also not allowed - if the thread was closed by a Moderator or Admin, there was a reason behind it.

DO NOT reopen threads that were closed unless you have permission from a Moderator or Admin first. Failure to do so can result in your thread locking/opening abilities suspended or removed.



If you have committed a serious offense, we will ban your account from this board.This means that we will remove your account from the system, record your IP address and stop you from using it again, and we will add your email address to the list of banned addresses.

There are only a couple of offenses that will immediately get you banned without warning. Banning is permanent. If you decide to come back under a different account and we find out, don't be surprised if you suddenly can't log in anymore.


Those Who Have Been Banned

From time to time, people do get banned, usually due to their own actions, or being part of a larger issue that warrants their removal for the better of the community. When someone is banned, it's natural to start a "Why was [insert banned member's name here] banned?" thread.

While this is not a violation of the rules, multiple threads of this nature (especially when either there is an existing thread already addressing the matter or an official thread from a Mod or Admin regarding the matter) are considered inflammatory and counterproductive, and will be removed.

Willful re-posting of such threads may result in your warning, suspension, or banning if the severity warrants it. Any grievances you have with a member (or yourself) being banned should be PMed or emailed to Joyrex.


The Warning System

When posting, you will notice a small line underneath your information reading "Warn:(0%)". This is the warning system on this board. It is used by moderators and administrators to keep track of users actions. Everyone starts with 0%. Each warning will step things up 10% at a time.

Reaching 100% will result in your account being banned. Please remember that more serious infractions may result in instant banning or suspension.


What To I Do If I See Something/Someone That Breaks These Rules?

If you see something on this board that is questionable or violates the above rules, you can report it using the "Report" button on each post. This will send an alert to all moderators and administrators about where the violation occurs.

Please include a reason for why you're reporting it and if it's a specific member's post, please mention who it is and/or the post # (located in the upper right corner of each post). We will try to ensure your anonymity, as nobody likes a snitch, but we appreciate it as we can't be everywhere at once.


Avatars And Signatures

Avatars are the little pictures underneath your member name in each post. There is a fixed size for each avatar. The content of these avatars must comply with the rules above, including the adult content rules. Same with the signatures.

The maximum size (in pixels) for avatars is 150x300. Anything smaller or irregularly shaped should have the pixel values manually input on the page in your Control Panel.


Signature Size

You can edit your own signature for your posts through the "My Controls" section of the board. The signature should be no taller than 200 pixels, and no wider than 500 pixels. Taller or wider signatures will result in a private message requesting it to be cut down.

Failure to comply will result in your signature being edited or removed outright. Any sort of scripting code that, innocently or not inserted into your signature that causes any manner of board performance issues or disruption, will result in immediate suspension and/or banning from the forums.


Member Status

Underneath your member name on each post is a brief description of who you are.


Member Powers

  • You can post in both the General Forum and the Expert Knob Twiddlers Forum and their various subforums.
  • You can search all forums
  • You can send private message other members of the forum
  • You can report posts to moderators and administrators
  • You can reply to other posts
  • You can edit your post within a certain time after you posted it
  • You can view other members public profiles


Moderator Powers

  • The ability to close threads
  • The ability to warn members
  • The ability to manage parts of the forums
  • The ability to track members IP addresses
  • The ability to edit certain members information
  • The ability to suspend members temporarily or indefinitely, pending Admin review


Administrator Powers

Anything and everything. We also reserve the right to bend or modify the rules on a case-by-case basis. You want a democracy, go run for President.


Corrective Actions

This comes in different forms:

  • Warning you in a thread
  • Sending you a private message
  • Increasing your warning percentage
  • Placing your account on hold or banning your account outright


Posting Polls

Moderators and members of the subscription-only Knob Twiddlers group can post polls.

If this privilege is abused, it will be revoked, possibly on a permanent basis. For information on how to join the Knob Twiddlers group and the other benefits that come with it, see this thread.


IP Addresses/Email Addresses

  • We track IP addresses. We know where you are.
  • Proxy Use - Don't do it, if we catch you, your account will be banned.
  • Spoofing of IPs, if found, will result in account removal.
  • Don't bother using a fake email address for registering - we check against known spam email services and blacklistings.
  • Your email address can only be seen by Administrators and Moderators.


'Hello' Posts

It seems to be natural to post something to announce who you are when you join the board. This is fine. However, you should be treating your audience with a little respect first.

Making a first post like "hello you fuckers" will be treated as flame-baiting (see above). Don't be surprised if you get repeated "read the rules" comments. Just our way of saying "hi".


Acting Like An AOL Child (aka AOLHole™)

Not really a rule, but it'll make a dent in your respect-o-meter if you start posting "asl?"...

You don't need to use "1337 5P34K" (elite speak, or "hacker speak") excessively. A few 'OMG" and "WTF" and "LOLs" are OK, but like salt or pepper too much just ruins the whole experience.



  • Use common sense. Anything that you say or do carries consequences with it. If you find yourself questioning the nature of what you're going to post, then it's probably not safe to post it. Save yourself trouble and ourselves time, think before you post.
  • Always be civil and courteous. This forum is visited by people from all over the world of different ages, genders, and races. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Also, see Flaming, Privacy, and Racism.
  • Make sure that your message topics fit the topic description of the forum that you are posting in. This is for your own benefit.
  • Use the search function before posting.
  • Make sure that you have followed #1 and #4 before posting
  • Read the sticky threads at the top of each forum - they are there for a reason, and generally contain information relevant to the forum that they are in.
  • Don't quote the entire message that you're responding to, only the pertinent passage. This makes it easier to read for other users.



If you feel that this list of rules is missing something. Let us know.


The "Mad-Dogs And Englishmen" Clause

Glad you've read this far. As a knock-over from the previous rules of this board, there is a way to "stop the world, I want to get off" or in other words, a way to get your account suspended if you feel you've had enough.

Ask a moderator/administrator if you'd like to leave. We can also suspend your account for a period of time if you wish to take a break but not lose your hard-earned post count, member number, etc.

If you absolutely feel you need to free yourself of WATMM, you can request to have your account deleted and all your posts/information will be anonymized.

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