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As WATMM has grown over the years, so have costs, and unfortunately that comes at a price - rather than have ads plastered all over the site, we are asking any new members who join to contribute a small amount to offset the costs of hosting the site, and allow us to improve the site and add new features.
Also, please consider one of our other Subscription Packages that give you enhanced abilities beyond this basic package.


Our entry level package, Members Plus allows you to support WATMM while getting a bit more than the standard free membership.
Members Plus is only 5.00/year
Over and above standard members, you get:

  • 200 MB of storage space for attachments and PMs (Private Messages) (versus 100 MB standard members get)
  • The ability to have a personal photo on your profile
  • PM attachments
  • 200 (versus 100) PM capacity
  • Ability to open and close your own topics
  • Ability to edit your topic title and description
  • Ability to add events to the calendar
  • And much more!

For the music-maker in all of us, Our EKT package offers loads of features above and beyond the other packages and allows you to promote your music like never before.
Expert Knob Twiddlers is 10.00/year.
With EKT you get:

  • 500MB of storage space for attachments and PMs (Private Messages) (versus the 100 MB and 200 MB of the other packages)
  • Ability to upload a personal photo on your member profile
  • Ability to attach files to PMs
  • No delay on repeated forum searches
  • Ability to mass PM 10 members simultaneously
  • 500 PM capacity
  • Ability to change your vote on polls
  • No time restriction on editing your posts
  • Ability to hide your own posts
  • Ability to open/close your own topics
  • Ability to edit your topic titles and descriptions
  • Ability to hide your own topics
  • Ability to start polls
  • Ability to create a blog on WATMM
  • 200 KB avatar upload ability

The ultimate in support for WATMM, not only do you get everything that comes in the EKT membership package (plus more, like having several blogs), but you also get a copy of WATMM Volume One, our first compilation CD, as a digital download with bonus tracks from the Downloads section. You also get a maximum 400 KB avatar upload capability.

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