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Joyrex's Blog


Tycho & The Album Leaf Show @ Fitzgerald's, Houston TX 08 September 2012

Posted by Joyrex , in Live Shows 10 September 2012 - - - - - - · 3,448 views
Tycho, The Album Leaf, Live Show
I went to the show Saturday, and it was my son's first concert (he really likes Tycho's music), and since we arrived early, I emailed Scott and let him know we were at the show, and he invited us backstage to hang out before the show with him and his live band!

Scott's a super-nice guy and probably the most down-to-earth guy I've met -...


Getting Old And Playing Video Games Still - Right or Wrong?

Posted by Joyrex , in Video Games 26 May 2010 - * * * * - · 4,981 views
Video games, aging, games as art
As some of you may know, I'll be 37 this year, and still play video games, am interested in video games, read about video games, and generally enjoy discussing video games. One of the frustrating things about playing games and getting older is your reflexes are not what they once were, and as a result, it takes a bit of getting used to when someone half...


Blogs Are Now Live - Go Forth And Blogulate!

Posted by Joyrex , in Announcements, Site Improvements 14 May 2010 - - - - - - · 1,298 views
New Features, Site Improvements
If you're an active Knob Twiddlers or EKT Plus subscriber, you now have the ability to create a blog (or in the case of EKT Plus, up to two blogs), and upload your music, post your latest tracks you're...


Welcome To Our Latest Site Feature - Blogs!

Posted by Joyrex , 12 May 2010 - - - - - - · 8,504 views
Welcome, first blog and 1 more...
As mentioned previously, I've added blogs to the site as a way for music makers to better share their latest creations, get feedback, and promote their music here on WATMM. Now, you can of course blog about anything you like, but the impetus was for our music-making members to have a powerful promotion tool on the site.

More to come when I have the...

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