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  1. That's supposedly where they're headed - 400 years before events in The Phantom Menace.
  2. It was removed per Cylob's request quite some time ago...
  3. WARP is aware of it... measures are most likely being taken.
  4. It auto-merges if the posts are made within 2 minutes - should I increase that threshold? Yeah, no way there were 1000 test pressings - that's close to how many pressings they do for releases... Most likely 10 or less akin to the CWLP, CAT002, and CAT087. For some odd reason ABB 5 seems to be the one that has quite a few test pressings made in comparison to all the others.
  5. Taita Waikiki (famed director and actor) is rumoured to be directing the first non-Skywalker saga Star Wars movie with Kevin Feige helming... I hope they take Star Wars in a new direction, and capitalize on what made the original movies so good - all the prequels and sequels have capitalized on nostalgia instead of creating new, weird things in the Star Wars universe that honor the past, but look forward.
  6. Brothomstates vs Bill Yard is still in rotation in my playlists... fantastic song.
  7. World Snooker Championships trolled (again) by loud farting noises:
  8. I'm not - I see an article (preferably music-related), and I post it. WATMM has no advertising beyond attributed links, which as of late don't pay anything (not that they really did to begin with). Can't you just comment on the subject matter, without turning this into a personal dig at me?
  9. Joyrex

    Amazon Echo

    I still stand by what I said then - that being said, when Amazon starts giving away video feeds to local authorities without consent, then it starts to become a slippery slope. I'm not quite sure how I feel about that yet - on one hand, if it keeps our neighborhoods safer and gets criminals off the street, then what's the worry - I guess the salient question is how far are they going to take it before all that information collected about you is used against you to deny you healthcare coverage, a better interest rate, etc.
  10. This is really amazing stuff... I think some sort of ambient art installation where the music changes based on the weather (say in some sort of outdoor amphitheatre) would be amazing.
  11. The bananas are a step too far
  12. I have these guys and they are fantastic: https://www.amazon.com/Soundcore-Bluetooth-Architecture-Performance-Personalized/dp/B00E8BDS60 Easily as good as the Air Pods Pro and 100 bucks less. Now, if you're talking HEADphones (as in over the ear), well, then I can't help you there as I like buds more than over the ear headphones.
  13. Joyrex


    Looks like a Com Truise shirt
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