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  1. Rogue One (IMO) is the second-best Star Wars movie (so far) behind Empire. Well, he was originally tasked with killing Jyn's father so the Empire couldn't use him for any further superweapon development... then he had a change of heart. He also helped Jyn steal the death star plans from Skariff and upload them to the Rebellion... thus giving them a fighting chance in A New Hope. That was what the whole movie was kinda about... sure you paid attention during it?
  2. Can't believe that's still around!
  3. They are not going to release 9 tracks over four slabs of vinyl - that's insane.
  4. Unmemorable? He was the co-star (Diego Luna) along with Felicity Jones! I think a series about his character could be interesting (or it could be too much Star Wars again). Interestingly, he co-starred in Season 4 of Narcos with The Mandalorian actor Pedro Pascal - both are excellent actors.
  5. Announced yesterday, actually which is great, but just a few select(or) cities: I guess from a logistics point of view it makes sense to cluster the venues together, but no love for the midwest? The south?
  6. There's also a laser-etched first edition of the vinyl available as well...
  7. I've updated the Tomorrow's Harvest theme - performance should be a lot better now.
  8. I've heard that they are one of WARP's biggest sellers... would be interesting to see sales figures (units) in this digital streaming world we live in...
  9. So it's gonna be a 9 track LP, and so far we know of these tracks: Vortrack Mekrev Bass Nervelevers Terminal Slam Be Up A Hello (possible as a track on the LP as well as the LP's name) ??? ??? ??? ???
  10. From BoingBoing.net: https://boingboing.net/2019/11/19/752567.html
  11. Vintage virtual synth plug-in maker Arturia is having a Black Friday sale: https://www.arturia.com/black-friday-19#en
  12. I've sent you a PM with info - please read and let me know.
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