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  1. Really odd that Chrome on iOS can do it but Chrome on Android cannot... can any other Android users confirm/deny this?
  2. Is that the stock Android browser (which I would assume is Chrome), or another browser? Do you have another browser to try? I'm not too familiar with Android, so I don't know why you wouldn't be able to backspace and remove the quotes unless it was a limitation of your browser. You can do it on desktop, right?
  3. That's using Chrome on iOS 12.3 on an iPhone X
  4. And I keep telling you I can (can anyone else confirm)? Let me see if I can do a screen recording of it to demonstrate... 1E24275A-9B18-48AD-BFC1-639B0880EF7E.MP4
  5. Just delete the spaces if they bother you that much? What browser on mobile are you using?
  6. "Code tags"? You mean like for programming code? If you're talking about the quotes, I've mentioned that all you need to do is put the cursor after the quote box, hit backspace, and viola! Gone. You also have to realize that a lot of your frustration on mobile may not be due to the forum software itself, but more due to your device's screen size, your browser, etc. Also, the old forum's "mobile" skin was very, very limited - nowhere near the ease of use and functionality this one has. I can literally do everything I can do on desktop on mobile with perhaps the exception of pasting in images (I tried that the other day and was disappointed to find out it doesn't work like it does on desktop).
  7. That's basically me at feeding time in the mornings
  8. That's Squarepusher and Diplo
  9. Well, I was always a 'no pets' person (even though I love animals) just because I know what havoc they can wreak on a home (I had a cat that lived for 19 years), but Mrs. Joyrex got my mother a cat shortly before she passed away when she was living with us. Around the same time, My mother-in-law had a small cat that I liked, so I brought her over to the house as well, and both of them ended up getting pregnant before we could get them fixed (going on holiday didn't help), and they both gave birth to a litters of 6 and 5 each. So, we got them fixed, got all the males and females fixed, and over time (this was six years ago), a few ran away, some passed, and now only 1 from the litter of six is left, and 3 from the litter of 5 is left. I know, you're doing the math and it doesn't add up - well, my mother-in-law brought over one of her cats who was pregnant (was a stray she adopted) and she had kittens (Mitsy in the picture above), a litter of 5. This was about four years ago. Out of that five, only two are left (one was hit by a car, one said 'fuck this noise' and decided to live with another family a few streets away (I see him from time to time), and the other died of an illness. Fast forward to about two years ago, and the neighbor shows up with two stray kittens she finds, and then three strays also show up on my back doorstep (word got around there is a human who feeds cats pretty well I suppose). The strays were skittish to the point I couldn't exactly tell what sex they were (very floofy cats, hides the naughty bits), and one turned out to be female, and guess what happened - a new litter of four kittens, whom I am going to get fixed as soon as they are weaned off their mum (and get mum fixed too). So there you have the saga of my cats. Did I mention I have seven doggos as well? (six chihuahuas and one derpy Corgi which belongs to my daughter). Oh, and a ferret that also belongs to my daughter. We're all a big happy family, but I'm done with the pets myself - I'd try and find homes for them if I had the time, but I'm too much of a softie and would worry about them being cared for properly. Cats (in no particular order): Claymore (m) Mr. Fuji (m) Callie (f) Kiko (f) Apricot (f) Cake (f) Pepper (f) Sparta (m) Boo Boo (m) Mitsy (f) Kirby (m) Marmalade (f) Zipper (new kitten) Topsoil (new kitten) Hazelnut (new kitten) Creamsicle (new kitten) Doggos (again, no particular order) Sweet Pea (derpy Corgi) (f) Bobo (m) Nugget (m) Peanut (f) Peaches (f) Ziggy (m) Lilly (f) And Finn the ferret (m)
  10. Care to elaborate/provide an example?
  11. I can certainly appreciate that concern... if I didn't make it clear, it would be voluntary, and of course you don't actually have to put your pin where you really are in the world...
  12. That's what Mrs. Joyrex says
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