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  1. I don't think them speaking with him is sad, just seeing his life and the way he is makes me feel bad for him and sad...
  2. I just tried on Safari (iOS 14.5, iPhone X) and had no issues clicking "continue" for Safari.
  3. This is great stuff - hadn't heard any Schneider TM in ages...
  4. WARp/Richard wouldn't capitalize off the pandemic. They have more respect than that!
  5. The CDr doesn't have a back insert (only the stretched color laser copy insert on the front) - tracks are handwritten on the CDr in permanent ink.
  6. Agreed - I was thinking the same thing last week
  7. BOC are never going to say anything like that - I honestly think it's not on their list of priorities to keep the fans appraised of their activities... WARP isn't going to say anything like that as it might impact record sales, which from a business perspective isn't good business.
  8. Just odd that BOC would post (presumably) a "fan video" and the creator happens to be a known artist (versus just a creative fan who did this for fun). We don't know the story behind who/why the music was set to his footage, so it's all speculation at this point.
  9. And before you go saying it's THAT Ian, this Ian wasn't born until 1982 and wasn't an artist until 2007...
  10. More about who shot the footage: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ian_Sklarsky So the question is, who made the video - Ian, or BOC?
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