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  1. So that's a Mastodon link you pasted, and the auto-embed didn't pick it up... let me see if there is a way to manually add it but I suspect not if Mastodon doesn't utilize the oEmbed standard.
  2. I'll have to see if the add-in that accomplishes this has been updated or has this feature to turn on. Coincidentally, an update for this add-in was just released - you can control your ignored users from your User Control Panel, and I see it offers the following options: Posts Messages Mentions Signature
  3. I'll have to see if the add-in that accomplishes this has been updated or has this feature to turn on.
  4. Probably the same tech Apple is using to drop out the vocals of songs interactively
  5. Which theme is this, and on what screen? I tried both WATMM dark themes and I am not seeing this issue. Also, is this on mobile or PC?
  6. Enjoy. http://citiesandmemory.com/obsolete-sounds/ And on Bandcamp too:
  7. Yes, in an ideal world, that is exactly how it should be done - this is honestly the first major server upgrade we've needed or had, so there never really was a compelling reason to do exactly what you're describing.
  8. The problem is the embed requires two values - the album ID and the track ID - we made it simple so all someone has to do is paste in the album ID... I might be able to change it so the entire URL goes in, but then it requires the user to edit the embed to strip out the IFRAME code, etc. It would be perfect if we could just use the Bandcamp friendly URL in the address bar for an album or track... And I forgot to mention the button only accepts one value from the input, so we can't put both the album and track IDs in at the same time.
  9. Let me see if I can add that parameter to the embed...
  10. I can see about adding that URL to the embed code
  11. Uh, thanks - care to share what you're referring to?
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