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  1. Playing a bunch of stuff - trying the "small bites" method (playing many games a little bit at a time): Jedi: Fallen Order (PS5 patch makes it soo much better) Ghosts of Tsushima (goddamn Kurosawa movie, innit) Demon's Souls (beautiful game... best PS5 graphics so far IMO) Resogun (classic twin-stick shooter)
  2. Thank you.


  3. I vote MIXL2... he's smarter than all of us combined Thread is unhidden now... you can all storm the capital because I said so Well, you've got the doddering old man senility down pat!
  4. No worries - anyone, at any time can ask me what happened to [insert WATMM fuckery here] and I will do my best to address it.
  5. It was an email, but w/e: So, do you want me to unhide the thread, or leave it hidden?
  6. We rarely delete threads... you may think that, but it's not the case - mostly it's the OP deleting their own threads (which they have the right to do). Mods normally lock threads unless asked by the OP or someone involved provide a valid reason for doing so. Fuck off; I'm 47 - and probably a lot more cognizant than your likely drug-addled mind LOL - you asked me personally to delete the thread! (it's hidden by the way)... I'll post the PM convo as proof since you can't seem to recall this yourself in a moment.
  7. My point (which I really in retrospect didn't make very clear) was to say instead of saying "this is better", perhaps provide more constructive criticism as to why you didn't find the OP's submission agreeable.
  8. This is super impressive stuff! Really interesting process behind recreating these classic tracks too.
  9. I really don't think it's appropriate to render an opinion on someone's work, and then say "but these deserve more attention (as much as I like lovekrafty).
  10. Amazon is using it for training new drivers and delivery persons
  11. For me, it's just convenience - I haven't bought a disc version of a game in some time, and I really don't see that changing. Plus, unless I really want a game right now, I usually wait for digital games to go on sale (for example, i got Ghosts of Tsushima when it was on sale on PSN for 39.99, which I feel is a fair price for a AAA game like that. Plus, I think Sony's shown they will support several generations of games before they phase them out, and it's all going to go digital eventually anyway - how often do people buy (or even can buy) a physical version of a PC game these days?
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