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  1. If I had to guess, your browser is caching bits of WATMM - I know it's a PITA, but try clearing your cache/cookies for WATMM and see if that improves things. And I will add that Inter is a Google Font, so I would be very surprised if it wasn't supported on Android...
  2. Eh? What? Type in coherent sentences FFS.
  3. Fucking LOL It's already out for the Switch, isn't it? Or was that just a port of the original?
  4. Yeah, I did - just messing with you. That button is only for Mods/Admins and I guess the forum upgrade reset permissions. We originally offered it to everyone, but some people had privacy concerns. Then people will complain they have to scroll to see the first post... I'm thinking of turning it off altogether until the forum software vendor can find a more elegant solution for this (because I think the information could be useful in some cases). First off, I appreciate the detailed info - but the fact others are not experiencing this makes me think more and more it might just
  5. So inserting a box (that is collapsed by default) under the first post is making things huge...?
  6. The buttons work for me on both mobile and desktop views.
  7. Ah - I turned that on - I take it you guys don't like it?
  8. It hasn't changed that drastically - you might want to try Incognito Mode or a different browser just to see if you aren't somehow caching old style sheets and things are getting weirdly mixed up... and I am assuming you're using the WATMM Classic skin, right?
  9. Persona maybe, but Yakuza and Total War are very niche games... In other SEGA news, looks like they are reviving Virtua Fighter...
  10. Oh holy shit it went to the big embed style... let me address that! Ah, that's better
  11. Yep, that's what I thought - nice to see LinusTechTips uses Invision Board as well! 😄
  12. SEGA today makes more money from Pachinko (maybe that's what you meant by slot machine) than they do their arcade or home video games... once upon a time, SEGA was a household name and their arcade and home consoles were right up there with Nintendo. Then, Sony came along.
  13. MetaDank™ (from the first page; new forum feature):
  14. No, this is all very helpful since I don't have an android phone to test on
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