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  1. I think as it's good, electronic-based music (music that would be considered in the electronic music genre) that would be fine, but hey - surprise us (once we provide the place to upload tracks for submission).
  2. Yes, they do. See below 👇 This. The compression algorithms have gotten so good, that I thought having 4K was a necessity, but quickly discovered that 1080 is just as good in most cases. What you watch content on makes a huge difference as well. Depends on who did the rip, what bitrate, etc. You can download torrents that are nearly the size of a Blu-Ray disc if you really want it uncompressed as possible. Here's another dirty secret - most movies are NOT shot in 4K these days (some directors don't like the results 4K cameras produce and 4K professional cameras are still very expensive... many films are upscaled to 4K for their theatrical releases as well as their Ultra HD releases.
  3. Who? Also, LOL at your avatar, but The Daily Show with Trevor Noah did it better:
  4. The apparently went their separate ways after For Beginner Piano was released on WARP, and the only one (apparently) still making music is Mike Johnston: https://www.discogs.com/artist/1090680-Mike-in-Mono
  5. Well, good to hear that his live performances are evolving - did it seem like all the tracks sounded the same though? That was my only real nitpick with seeing him live a few years ago...
  6. Mind, it's only the Japanese release of Come To Viddy - the UK/US release doesn't feature Ventolin, nor does it come in an awesome plastic clamshell case like the Japanese version does (I remember we had a member from Japan here on the site back in '99/'00 that actually gifted that to me! So nice of them to send me that back then).
  7. Yeah - hope this isn't the makings of a farewell to the world... And yes, PtA is an amazing album - the videos for it have been popping up on YouTube recently, and I've been enjoying watching them.
  8. Yeah, it's not really Tetris other than the pieces...
  9. A recent show, or from last year or in the past?
  10. Because in games, clouds usually obscure areas of the map you haven't unlocked yet...
  11. AH! Plone! What happened to them? (I liked "plaything" off the WARP 100th release compilation from '96)
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