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  1. https://www.discogs.com/Aphex-Twin-Computer-Controlled-Acoustic-Instruments-Pt2-EP/release/6536687
  2. I looked into this... there is an addon for the forum, but the developer charges 30USD for it, and 9USD every 6 months for renewals. I'll have to look at the forum budget to see if we can sustain adding it.
  3. A lot of people lurk... and right now things are quiet music-wise, no? I can tell you over the past 20 years, it's consistently been like this. What do you think would increase people posting (and is quantity over quality what we want), or more members to join? Do we really want that?
  4. Revival of Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix. Three episodes in so far, and they've captured what made the original series so great. Glad they decided not to have a narrator/host as in the original with the late Robert Stack or the revival with Dennis Ferreira.
  5. https://www.google.com/search?q=tapatalk+privacy+issues
  6. I'm trying to get Apple Music embeds working - does anyone see the above? To use the embed: Go to https://music.apple.com or find an Apple Music track you'd like to share. Click the "..." button and then choose Share Choose Copy Embed Code In the editor, click on the Apple Music logo and paste in the copied URL.
  7. Do a Google search as to why not to use Tapatalk... that's all I'll say
  8. Well, considering it's a Sandison family vacation photo from Banff in the 70's...
  9. Since you are around my age, surely you recall that for a brief period in the early 80's (80-83') there was a period where the design and aesthetics of the 70's was starting to fade, juuuust before MTV, neon, grids, teal, and pink dominated the popular media landscape. THAT is what I think BOC try to evoke with their sounds and visuals, which was more reflective of their early 80's experience than say yours or probably mine.
  10. You really shouldn't - it's shitty software that has some dubious aspects to it. With the forums' mobile view, Tapatak isn't really needed anymore, and there's an actual dedicated iOS/Android app coming out by the makers of the forum software. Still not sure if I'd use that though as the only benefit you get is push notifications and are stuck with the default theme.
  11. As I said, more of their stuff tracks to the 80's than 70's - not all of it, but the majority of it. Take a look at the dates of the source material for stuff from Geogaddi onward, and you'll find a lot of it is very late 70's (1979ish) to early 80's. I'll agree that MHTRTC and some of the Old Tunes stuff source material/inspiration is more 70's than 80's, however. Agreed also on TH being a homage to John Carpenter soundtracks of the early 80's.
  12. Yep, just like Melodies from Mars, Spectral Musicians, etc. etc. etc.
  13. You'll find more of BOC's stuff tracks to the early 80's than the late 70's... after all, keep in mind how old Mike and Marcus are (my age range). Now, the material's age might be from the late 70's since stuff was reused quite a bit back in those days, but they would have been transferred to shitty VHS with the tracking needing serious adjustment. And RE: Summer - some schools do year-round schooling
  14. I need to turn off Tapatalk for the forum - thanks for reminding me. Oh Jesus LOL that would have been bad... I need to see about adjusting that if possible!
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