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  1. - Looks at total playtime on Control - Yeeeaaaahhhh...
  2. I don't know if Richard still has a penchant for DIY equipment, but who knows...
  3. Nobody... because there aren't any fuskfjolasjfeflisefjlj!lhk3rkhw3rhk3nhf! graphics cards... 😠
  4. That, or the huge influx in users triggered an alert in the bunker...
  5. Resuming my Resident Evil 7 playthough... not going well
  6. He was last on here in September 2014!
  7. Hot take: I don't think any label (now or in the future) can ever be "the new Rephlex" - labels themselves have evolved and changed since Rephlex, and I can't see any label being able to do what they did (and how they did it) anymore in the current music industry environment. Even WARP has evolved long past what it used to be.
  8. I think he's retired from being the band's (hell) interface for the band...
  9. As mercurial as Tom is... I don't know if we would have gotten an answer...
  10. Stunning LEGO Typewriter: https://www.lego.com/en-us/product/typewriter-21327?p=21327&cmp=social-orux4d-SHOP https://www.lego.com/cdn/cs/set/assets/bltd23745b51e42ac5e/21327_ShopperVideo_45s_16x9_WoText.mp4
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