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my brother got bitten on the neck by a spider today ..



In the garden of our new house. There had to be draw backs to living amongst lush brush bouncing up from the side of every path. It's the perfect staging point for Orb spiders, and their kin to throw a web across the way.


I'm going on a cut back/tear down mission tomorrow. And before those with a smidgen of empathy in their hearts decry foul at the whole plan of action. I will only be going for main access paths. And it is pretty tiring sticking your arm out in a swishing motion before you as one carefully treads down the steps to the car, or up to the postbox. My brother neglected this action today and that led him to walk fully through a web and get bitten.


mleh ..


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Are they poisonous?



umm, yes. But the lady at hospital told him that the only spiders that you have to worry about in australia are redbacks and sydney funnel webs. She forgot about white tailed and a number of others but perhaps she was meaning those family groups of animals or as is usual perhaps she was just yet another overly qualified generalist that really doesn't know anything about any particular subject, as you would expect.


Or perhaps, beyond my ignorant guff the woman has learnt to prioritize bites and therefore pointed out the most dramatic, as compared to the mellow background noise of other bites within the spectrum. maebee.


soz, tired, and dleemotional

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He could feel it though, it wasn't just a bite. The after effects were minorly tedious. To answer you question to everyone's satisfaction,

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