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    Aphex Twin, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Synths, Underworld, Massive Attack, Air, Portishead, Radiohead, FL Studio etc.

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  1. Revitute


    Laughable Butane Bob and Hangable Auto Bulb The whole EP is amazing tho
  2. Wow, alot of people visit my page...

    1. Friendly Foil

      Friendly Foil

      that's because we love you

    2. Revitute


      Of course!

  3. Here is mine so far! TAPES: From left to right: Darkwood Dub, Manu Chao, Therapy?, Stone Roses, Nirvana, EKV I actually had more tapes but didn't have time to put them. But someday I will.
  4. Here are some of mine!
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