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  1. Trying to minimise repetition and still make sense. It's my goal to try and keep on developing further throughout, but it is hard to make lots of consistently good/valid variations. So it would be good to hear which bits you liked or didn't like. Thanks for listening! https://soundcloud.com/tubularmiriam/morden-acid
  2. The intro is cool, and very nice to hear it hit again when the first half wound down. I kinda wish I didn't see the soundcloud simple waveform thing though, made me expect it.
  3. The slight higher freq ring on the bass hit in temporar 2 really works.
  4. Really crisp tones you've got out of that thing. That intro on oahu night is very good and making me anticipate the rest of the track, and the sort-of-drop halfway through sunny gator is quite satisfying.
  5. That boy needs therapy! Can't help but be reminded of frontier psychiatrist
  6. Really crisp. Normally really repetitive stuff just annoys me, but I'd listen to this while I worked or did some other task - it's pretty hypnotic in a nice way. I think as far as the intended purpose of the music goes it works very well!
  7. I've tried going back to basics a little here, using simpler sounds, limited effects/processing, and relying more on melodic structures. Playful interaction between instruments is something I really enjoy listening to, so I thought I'd give it a go. Waiheke is something I've just written. Red Panda Acid is a little older but in the same spirit, and I never really had any feedback on it. Any comments/criticism would be very welcome. In particular I am concerned that Waiheke lacks breathing space and doesn't really return to the original themes, it is just a response to a response. I wondered if the listener would find these things detrimental to the total effect. Thanks for listening! http://soundcloud.com/tubularmiriam/waiheke
  8. Definitely sounds dirty! I can see this being used in a combined media project, might be good to use as an unsettling tension-builder somewhere. The gifs in your sig seemed rather to fit lol. I would have liked a little more of a musical development somewhere I suppose. A few more simple variations of the vocal samples, and more of a response to the sounds you first introduce would be pleasing.
  9. Either I lack the mental facilities to appreciate this, or there is nothing to appreciate.
  10. Some really fun sounds in there. Takes me back to the ole hardcore times, also nice production!
  11. The shaded path: nice atmospheric thing, I like that you wait a while before introducing new instruments. A little bit bare, but otherwise I like this one. Baguirmi: The start is interesting, mixing up the various highly reverbed percussive stuff with heavy kicks was felt fairly satisfying, nice combination of sounds. A little more variation out of the plucked strings would have made me happy. I felt the track didn't really need to go on any longer than the ~3.45 point though. It seemed to have said everything it was going to say by then. Also the slow attack on the strings made their shorter notes seem a bit awkward. Majapahit: Afraid I didn't really like it. Too repetitive use of simple motifs without substantial challenge to them or change within them.
  12. I feel that this track has some internal conflict. The melodic lead appears at first to be intended to be the primary interest - at least based on your post title, but the track quickly becomes a heavily textural thing with the actual melodic structure taking a back seat. Taken at face value I don't think the track itself is bad, but if your goal is to represent the braindance theme in melody then I would recommend trimming down the perc and pads, and giving greater focus and attention to the lead instruments. Apologies if I am misinterpreting your intentions.
  13. Oh! Sorry I totally spaced on that one, if there are any roaming mods capable of moving it then go ahead!
  14. https://soundcloud.com/tubularmiriam/high-drama-of-the-molerats-in This is a tune that I made about the lives of molerats. It's meant to be a kind of adventure, originally set to a molerat bit from BBC's Africa which they won't let me play to people due to laws. It might not sound very moleratty, what do you think? :)
  15. Jeez the face on the SAWII cover looks like it wants someone to kill it. Why are you naming your album that? The music's alright though! :)
  16. This is pretty slick! Really well mastered n everything. Acid hand is pretty cool, it's not too obvious but quite funky
  17. And Xenophytophore is so lush, you know how to acid mi fren, I gave you 1 pound for it because I'm poor :)
  18. That's some succulent acid right there. Had a listen on bandcamp. I love the lightness of My fingers are all thumbs, reminds me of playing sonic on the megadrive for some reason
  19. Nice man, I love the sounds in homolka, and A full embrace is just so chill! I'm a parakeet, bird to your mother.
  20. Thanks! Yeah I think you're right about the sawtooths. I wasn't really sure how to 'soften' them into the analogue vibe without losing the strained sound. I'm using AudioRealism Bassline 2. It's the best VA 303 I've heard in my opinion. Also I have noticed my tracks haven't been suffering quite so badly with SC's compression recently too. I do remember like six months ago them stating that they had no plans to increase the quality though.
  21. Some recent tracks of mine that I don't hate that much. Kind of an acid/ambient shakedown, I'd like to make more music like this: [sc5]69805280[/sc5] A bit of an analord impression, just wanted to see how I'd fare with it: [sc5]70115447[/sc5] Mucks with the time signature a bit. Initially based on the 1984(film) soundtrack: [sc5]69907206[/sc5] Any feedback appreciated!
  22. The piano sounds really metallic in this recording, I don't know if that's the nature of the actual piano or just owes to the way it was recorded, but it works with the tune really well. Also, and I don't know if this is just my aphex-infested mind at work, but it does seem to have a drukqs-piano influence in there. Like the way the high notes are initially introduced, the tone of the ending and some of the phrases. If you recorded this in a more formal way my only suggestion would be to make the ending a little warmer. Can't think of anything else, enjoyed that.
  23. The movement you've got on the the claps there just does something to this track which somehow makes me think of porno groove. It's slick, a little too slick! But srsly you've got a great combination of textures there. The passage just before the ending I'm not too sure about, I'm not sure it adds much to the piece, but it still blends into the ending pretty well. Anyways, nice job!
  24. Haha this is amazing. The watery squelchy sounds are pretty novel, and the way the song just kicks in with it's fun bouncy disjointed drumming is pretty fun too. I do think this could have been longer, I mean I think there's room for more to be done with it. But yeah nice.
  25. It has a nice bright sound, and I think the adventure time picture is fitting! It does sound like that could accompany the playfulness of a cartoon. (I've used AT pics on soundcloud before too lol) In terms of it's standalone merit I think you could have made the first section a little longer. I'd have to say the transition right after the saw waves stop, even though it's short, is my favourite bit. Also is that a bach mix-up at the middle/end? I mean it really sounded like his arpeggiation patterns. I figure that might be deliberate though, like a little pastiche!
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