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  1. Love the break manipulation on Again Break, very much like 2006- era Squarepusher, thinking mainly Hello Everything, the chords and jabs have that french sound he kinda did, very nice mixing, it's warm but nice and glued! :D


    Thank you so much, it's exactly what i was thinking when i made it, i love this LP. To me, it's the last LP from SP i love to listen, it's timeless!


    The drums come fast, but not too furious. Laid back in spite of the frenetic programming. Very clean drum edits.

    Are you Adam Forkner 'White Rainbow' by an chance? I wonder this every time I see your user name on here.



    No I never heard about him. White Rainbow was the first username i took refering to "A White Rainbow" a song from coil. But music i made has nothing to do anymore with coil even though i still love their work ;-)

  3. I don't like his latest stuff, actually i did'nt feel anything since Hello Everything (wich i liked!!!) was released . The rest is boring, i agree with John and Stephen, i think it has to do with over compression, and poor stuff he made with bad breaks and bland melodies. Where is the Squarepusher from Go spastic, Hard Normal Daddy, FMWT ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. You're fast becoming one of my favourite soundcloud artists :)


    Thanks :emb:


    Drilltacular. Not a weak spot in it. This stuff just come naturally to you? As a total beginner I'm kind of interested to know more about your method. I've heard about ReCycle as a good beat-chopping tool.


    Everything is done with Renoise, no extra VST for drums edit, millisecond work.

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