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  1. MadameChaos's post in General dissastisfaction was marked as the answer   
    submit to the void
  2. MadameChaos's post in Why do douchebags like new drum n bass? was marked as the answer   
    because it's shit and commercial and you can chug beer and do shots to it and then throw up all over yourself.
  3. MadameChaos's post in relationships vs. getting anything done was marked as the answer   
    Ah crap I forgot about this thread, how do you delete the internet?
  4. MadameChaos's post in How to Tell If You’re an Amateur Musician was marked as the answer   
    Really, Dude, you surprise me. They're not gonna kill shit, they're not gonna do shit. What can they do? They're a bunch of fuckin' amateurs, and meanwhile, look at the bottom line: Who's sittin' on a million fuckin' dollars? Am I wrong? Nothing is fucked here Dude. Nothing is fucked. They're a bunch of fucking amateurs!
  5. MadameChaos's post in Japan's lack of interest in sex and intimacy was marked as the answer   
    gosh it's so unlike the press to selectively use facts to invent a story.
  6. MadameChaos's post in anonymous music productions was marked as the answer   
    they just do it to piss you off skibby, specifically you.
  7. MadameChaos's post in Who's going to this show on 30 September was marked as the answer   
    let me get the delorian
  8. MadameChaos's post in What is your real name?! was marked as the answer   
    Some call me Shatoon, bringer of corn. Others call me Mickey Nine, the dream weaver. Some call me Photoshop. Others call me Trenu, the boiler. Some call me mystery man. Others know me as the shadow dweller. Others call me secret Peter (where is he hiding? in a shoe? in a bush? in a cupboard? in a lane? no. He is inside yourself.) Some call me miraculous mark, diviner of mysteries. Others know me as Domino the bounty hunter. Some call me chili chicken ramen. I am sometimes called peppercorn (by the dutch). Some call me Cillit Bang. Others call me R-R-Rubbady Pubbady.
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