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Community Answers

  1. Agree, you cant beat or match the magic of animation.
  2. I watched this during the lock down but have been thinking of rewatching as I think I watched it too fast.
  3. All the Beaty and the Bloodshed, this documentary covers the extraordinary life and political work of Nan Goldin Fire of Love, about these two volcanologists who should be in a Wes Anderson movie
  4. FYI info here https://www.02092023bristol.co.uk/ And some think it will be at this festival, sign up for presale here: https://www.forwardsbristol.co.uk/signup
  5. I really enjoyed The Last of Us too, although I don't see what the big fuss is about re Pedro Pascal. Succession season 4 arrives soon so that'll be my next binge watch...
  6. I won't be going to London because it's on the day of my grandpops 90th birthday, so will try and reach Bristol. 💯
  7. White Noise 8/10 I'll watch anything with Adam Big hands in it basically at this point. Kind of freaked out that this film happened and then a rare toxic spill happened in real life. What's that about? I'm surprised this film has such trash scores everywhere as it's better than some other films that won awards etc. *cough* Anyhoo... Marcel the Shell with Shoes On 6.5/10 Nice concept and some funny parts but the film was too long and a little self indulgent. Haha! Pubes.
  8. https://crackmagazine.net/2023/03/aphex-twin-teases-bristol-show/ Jazzband?
  9. Finally got around to watching Trouble Every Day by Claire Denis as it's relevant to a podcast I've been doing. Pretty much the most disturbing film I've ever seen in my life, and I'm really surprised this launched her career.
  10. Bones and All - 9/10 Reluctantly I now admit that Timothée Chalamet is actually quite good. *sigh* which I hate because there's alot of stuff about him that annoys me, no least the way he spells his fuckin' name. Aaaaaaanyway, this is a very slow burner with some great performances from Mark Rylance (quietly creepy) Chloe Sevigny (baguettes for arms) and Taylor Russell (making bangs great again) which I feel is sure to be a classic in years to come. Beautiful cinematography from Arseni Khachaturan.
  11. OLD - finally a decent film from Shyamalan, well paced and no shark jumping at all. Coherence - a low budget time bending film in a similar vein to Primer. Found it bit dull TBH. Victoria - Berlin based indie thriller, seemed a bit badly paced and not enough character development. Enemy - I was actually quite disappointed with this one, it went a bit wanky at the end. (it's a metaphor) Crimes of the Future - wasn't expecting to like this much, but it's his best film yet.
  12. The Lighthouse is very good, but needs to be seen on the big screen as for some reason it doesn't come across well on a tiny one. I saw The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent which was quite amusing. Don't expect Kubrick or anything, but pretty fun.
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