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  1. oh god that guy is so fucking annoying, I'm totally going to swerve Shazam now (as if was ever going to watch it) totally!!!
  2. oh god why did i look at reddit? my eyeeeessssss!!!!!
  3. that box set is peng, but who knows when the Twin Peaking will really end???
  4. Yasssss, but also nooooooooo! for reasons mentioned above.
  5. HAHAHAHA!!! no no no our data isn't shit, it's QUANTUM PHYSICS CHANGING YOUR CURRENT REALITY!!!!! what a crackhead.
  6. Most of the people who post regularly are on the spectrum somewhere, and I am so I would fucking know. I don't find it offensive to joke.
  7. Yeah I know right! It's because he's so prolific! People forget the early stuff. Some of my faves include: Empire of the Sun The Color Purple Close Encounters of the Third Kind The Sugarland Express E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial of course this is legendary!!!!
  8. We're doing the best we can dagnamit! We are only humans.
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