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  1. OLD - finally a decent film from Shyamalan, well paced and no shark jumping at all. Coherence - a low budget time bending film in a similar vein to Primer. Found it bit dull TBH. Victoria - Berlin based indie thriller, seemed a bit badly paced and not enough character development. Enemy - I was actually quite disappointed with this one, it went a bit wanky at the end. (it's a metaphor) Crimes of the Future - wasn't expecting to like this much, but it's his best film yet.
  2. The Lighthouse is very good, but needs to be seen on the big screen as for some reason it doesn't come across well on a tiny one. I saw The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent which was quite amusing. Don't expect Kubrick or anything, but pretty fun.
  3. I've been holding off watching this as I binge watched DEXTER at the start of December. Good to know it's high quality!!!
  4. This film had me wriggling in my seat and wanting to leave, the performance McKenzie was soooooooo cringe it hurt my eyes. The rest of this film is pretty entertaining (production design is great and Taylor-Joy was spot on) but Tamsin was terribly miscast.
  5. Er Die Hard though? HELLO!! Paul McCartney is basically the most boring person to ever be married to the person who invented vegetarianism FACT
  6. What the font! Is that Ariel pro???? It's literally one step up from comic sans.
  7. Nobody said everyone has to grow their own food you fucking moron.
  8. Maybe stop setting it on fire? IDK just an idea. AMAZON.
  9. I think one thing that's really useful about tripping and taking other drugs that expand your perception, is the tendency for this kind of substance to make you feel connected to the world outside your limited perception. One of the most problematic elements of depression, is the feelings of isolation and loneliness, so the experience of feeling super-connected to the world outside yourself if only for an hour or so, can having an extreme effect for a really long time. Similarly being out in nature can put you in touch with those kind of feelings. To summarise, go and trip in the woods! Safely of course.
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