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  1. this is pretty nice, not quite all instrumental though.
  2. I liked the first series better than the first, the second was a tad confusing. I'm definitely up for the next series though. I'm currently rewatching Maniac though as I liked it so much and had a big conversation about it on Saturday night.
  3. Why are you crying you big melt. EDIT: You big nice melt. I'm easting. Breakfast burrito and black coffee. Yummy.
  4. Argh how annoying! I tried to fix a dead pixel once and ended up destroying my phone. LOL! I'm sure there is a way though.
  5. I like farty acoustics though.
  6. Some classic Temple on here https://noisemanifesto.bandcamp.com/track/quantum-unfolding-2 But quite a few that lacked her usual panache. Wouldn't buy the entire album but will cherry pick. Thanks for sharing.
  7. surely this thread would be nothing without the ancient hallowed activity of yekking. oh remember the good old days...
  8. I've been watching Altered Carbon on Netflix, fuck it's good so far! I really hope it doesn't jump the shark. This is how the film Mute should have been. I tried watching Fleabag ages ago and could't get into it, I guess I'll try again but IDK. Chernobyl sounds P depressing so I'll save that for autumn perhaps.
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