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  1. I'd be keen to go to whatever next decent gig is at oval space. I have issues with alot of Venues though as I'm a miserable old cunt and have zero tolerance for anything that annoys me. Queues? Fuck off Shitty toilets? Shit off Volume cranked to fuck? Nope
  2. I just finished watching the whole of the Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! and I feel it loses it's way a bit towards the end. Lots of repeated jokes, which after 4 or 5 reworkings I just ended up watching it like this. Ya blew it! JK, it's OK.
  3. I'm reading about 5 books right now, I like to chop and change. I started reading this after watching My Octopus Teacher, it's pretty good and covers some of the same ground as another book: Which is interesting but a little dry, lots and lots of comparing the mind to a basic computer and what-not. 🙄
  4. Not interesting at all. All the mods agreed that you were due a ban.
  5. I just spent three hours staring at this and trying to figure out if what I'm looking at is the Frank or the Beans. Or neither!! Certainly one way to distract people from your aggressive orthodontic treatment.
  6. Tron Farmers It's the film Tron but set in the game Farmville.
  7. Look at his little face. Look! Look at it!!!!!
  8. I learned a lot from the film and then learned even more by reading up about octopuses as a result of the film. I wonder if these people also hate David Attenborough as he doesn't help the animals either, or Jacques Cousteau? The guy is bonkers to spend a year documenting the life cycle of an octopus, but if it inspires people to show an interest in Ocean conversation it was worth it. The tone of the negative reviews are very similar to the one vegans use to tell you what a cunt you are for not being vegan. Congratulations for being better than everyone else.
  9. Fear the Walking Dead: I'm pleased that this series answers questions like, why don't you just get on a fucking boat? And, why don't you just go to fucking Mexico? And also, why don't you just hold up in a bug fancy hotel? It's kinda slow moving though and is not as good as the original due to this. 7/10
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