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  1. Oh god, I have to watch it again? Not sure I can. I found it soooooooo dull.
  2. It's a reference to hackie sack keepie uppies, all the kids are doing it these days. You have to have a record of more than 100 or you are not deemed worthy of mating with.
  3. Just saw the whole, of Living With Yourself and finally answered my own questions of "ah man Paul Rudd? what could be better than Paul Rudd?" the answer? TWO PAUL RUDDS!!!!!!
  4. I'm watching you Mr Fake Account....
  5. this is my fave review you did for these two products. quite good. (brainwalzera does suck)
  6. https://mnlth.bandcamp.com/track/farewell-frenchman
  7. Just in case anyone was wondering, my earlier issue went totally shitshaped. Why break the habit of a lifetime?
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