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Community Answers

  1. Perfect Days 9/10 Loved this so much I'm planning to moved to Japan and become a toilet cleaner.
  2. It was a huge waste of Dano's talent, but I guess they must have driven a dump truck full of money up to his house. Perhaps if the writing was better? After a while hearing him say "skinny human" made me want to poke him in all of his stupid eyes.
  3. Started watching Snowpiercer but I'm not really feeling it, does it get better?
  4. Just imagine it.... https://youtu.be/_vIAZfXh-F8?si=OmjkOxbiDTC1xyrH
  5. All of us Strangers - A moving and brilliantly acted film about love, loss and connection. The sexy priest acted his tiny little eyes out, and Mezcal was excellent as the mysterious lover. It was shit really nicely and the soundtrack was good but relied a bit heavily on music from Frankie Goes to Hollywood. Certain elements of the reality in the film are far from clear, and as such I'll be watching it again soon. Elements of Lynch. 9/10 Anatomy of a Fall - I was expecting this to be a depressing borefest (despite the positive reviews) but I was pleasantly surprised. It goes without saying that the lead is excellent, but this film would have fallen flat on its face without the exceptional performance of the kid (can't remember his name rn). Who will surely go on to do great things in the future (probably mainly in France admittedly). 8/10 The Boy and the Heron - Did anyone else get the impression that the old architect was Mizaki? It's totally him right. A very solid animation with some interesting characters, but, the twist was predictable far too early on. And like some of his other work, there is some interesting rewriting/reimagining of key points in history here. 7/10
  6. Loving this, but don't love having to wait a week for the next episode like I'm living in the olden days or something.
  7. DJ Unsolicited Dickpic DJ Revenge Porn DJ Ball Bag
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