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  1. Calm down luv, anyone would think you were on your period.
  2. This is wonderful example of mansplaining, which is when a man "explains" a topic to a woman which in all reality they have no direct experience of and therefore know less about. If your still unsure, please PM me and I'd be happy to womansplain mansplaining. Thx.
  3. ? oh really? still haven't seen it yet. tell me whyy!!!!
  4. I'm not great with negative feedback/ being teased.
  5. it would be great it the page automatically brought your fave to the top. thx bibi
  6. so it must suck that you have to wank off all the time huh? ah please, tell me about periods you wise and superior man.
  7. Grant is on the Rephlex Rephreshed facebook group complaining that it it sucks. He also hates WATMM btw.
  8. Currently working my way through Parks and Recs, and Seinfeld (I fucking love it) I'll be watching Westworld when they are all online, can't be waiting a fucking week to watch stuff.
  9. Disappeared up their own bumholes.
  10. According to the US government it is! https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-50849559
  11. Still watching the whole of Friends, and I'm not even sorry.
  12. I didn't really get into Good Times the first time I saw it, but recently rewatched it and thought it was brilliant. ?
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