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  1. I actually started to use field recordings quite a lot, since I got new field recorder and omni mics. And there is this weird thing, when you make music with field recordings. Natural sounds have somehow more mystery, even though it supposed to be more familiar. They're much different than the first track, that I posted, but here they're: They're all made on Octatrack, using only field recordings.
  2. Hey, thanks, but to be honest, I don't really remember, how they were designed, but there are basically two tracks, which are live resampling of small chunks from other tracks via flex machines on OT. At the end I had two different drum loops: one main loop, the other one was live resampled one. I processed the first drum loop by using crossfader and the other flex machine was recording and playing at the same time. That's why, the second drum (resampled) track is changing a bit every other bar.
  3. Octatrack - TidalCycles - Volca FM
  4. Octatrack - Volca FM - Axoloti
  5. Thank you for listening and for the kind words. I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed listening.
  6. That track makes OT's midi arpeggiator shine as well ? Thanks for listening!
  7. Hey, thanks for listening! I love Octatrack. After years of making music on my computer, using softwares like SuperCollider, Renoise...etc, even though I see a lot of similarities with Renoise, it's still quite different and of course more limited, but I find it better to push the limits, instead of having near infinite possibilities. And yeah, I'm still using my old Mackie mixer, which I've been using as a no-input mixer. That's why it's not so clean. I should buy a new mixer and use this one as a cheap sound source.
  8. This one has no samples, just Octatrack and Volca FM
  9. So... a bit late but finally I bought an Octatrack last month and I’ve been spending appx 1-2 hours a day. Well, I'm still learning every time I turn on this thing. Love it and I thought that, I could upload what I'm doing. Just Octatrack (well... with samples) and Volca FM.
  10. ok next challenge --> making jazz in tidal It's sample-based btw, so it doesn't contain any synth-like sound generator but you can use synths made in SuperCollider or send midi/OSC messages to any DAW...etc. via Tidal. here you go, Tidaljazz! https://soundcloud.com/0ufer/sc-180202-165946
  11. ok next challenge --> making jazz in tidal It's sample-based btw, so it doesn't contain any synth-like sound generator but you can use synths made in SuperCollider or send midi/OSC messages to any DAW...etc. via Tidal.
  12. I've just started to use Tidal as a sequencer/compositional tool and decided to upload some of my experiments. It's amazing how quickly you can make complex patterns with it. No mixing or post-processing. https://soundcloud.com/0ufer/sc_180201_213033 http://tidalcycles.org Check some of the youtube videos for better examples (especially Kindohm: https://www.youtube.com/user/kindohm), since I'm quite new in this language.
  13. https://soundcloud.com/0ufer/mk1
  14. Hey, thanks! I actually have a bandcamp, but didn't upload anything, now I'm uploading. In fact, I've always wanted to use bandcamp. I think it's interface is so much better than Soundcloud's. So here you go: https://ufer.bandcamp.com/album/px Cheers
  15. https://soundcloud.com/0ufer/px5
  16. Thanks! Well, since my computer is quite old and I'm broke as fuck right now, I've been trying different softwares for a while. Sometimes I use Renoise as a sampler and send midi messages to it via SuperCollider, record those messages into the tracker, sometimes Numerology to sequence the samples, which were made via basic modular synth (2 osc, 2 adsr, vca, lpg, noise modules), that I've just sold to pay the rent. When I finish a track, I send it to a patch in good old Audiomulch. I use it like a filter/compressor/tape deck.
  17. https://soundcloud.com/0ufer/px4
  18. Thanks for the feedback on the tracks guys!
  19. Hi guys! I just made some annoying tracks. https://soundcloud.com/0ufer/px2-2 https://soundcloud.com/0ufer/px1 https://soundcloud.com/0ufer/px2-1
  20. Hey guys, thanks for listening. Actually yeah, I don't like this track that much but it's the part of the long-term process. I've just made this track btw. The sample is from Mike Leigh's classic Naked. https://soundcloud.com/0ufer/nackt
  21. Thanks for listening! https://soundcloud.com/0ufer/filiz
  22. I like this one, especially the second part. https://soundcloud.com/0ufer/buehne
  23. and a new one. it was made in numerology. https://soundcloud.com/0ufer/defo
  24. https://soundcloud.com/0ufer/taban thanks for the feedback btw.
  25. https://soundcloud.com/0ufer/spaziergang
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