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  1. what do you mean by "runs"? I have one and am willing to do it.
  2. here's mah vids from the show. squarepusher playlist too
  3. wow for everything. Did he just load up all the tracks directly on there? EDIT: I did notice some interesting filtering going on, maybe that dave smith filter got some play. no idea what squarepusher was using the next day. but i think it was something similar to this. at least with a touch-slide that he was controlling bpm with. you can see him messing with it in some of my vids because he wasn't behind massive screens.
  4. lol that headline sounds a little over-the-top. but it rly did feel that way.
  5. https://we.tl/h9Rkzn0lNc 1.3gb wav file of the best audience recording i've found.
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