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  1. MATRIXSYNTH recently asked NYZ why he put together this new album of FM synthesis based explorations, and whether he would discuss some of the process behind it. The declassified information below has been put together by NYZ especially for a MATRIXSYNTH exclusive. ***BEGIN NYZ DRN4 DECLASSIFICATION REPORT*** DC REPORT STATUS: PARTIAL DECLASSIFICATION ONLY PARTIAL DC STATUS: INCOMPLETE CELLULAR BINARY SPACETIME PARTIAL DC LEVEL: SEMI-PICTORIAL_TEXTUAL_HIGHLIGHTS FUTURE DC STATUS: _PENDING http://www.matrixsynth.com/2016/03/nyz-drn4-declassified.html
  2. this tape picture just posted on the noyzelab twitter account with a mention about the upcoming matrixsynth exclusive feature on NYZ 'DRN4' : https://twitter.com/noyzelab/status/708242786475053057 from what we can tell matrixsynth asked dave for some info on the creative process, so expect a little bit of info into the making of this album, should be interesting reading! :) a previous noyzelab twitter post also mentioned this upcoming matrixsynth feature : https://twitter.com/noyzelab/status/704112324999647232
  3. ah the the Tshirt is separate thing from the tape, announced today. meds are making them to order, so its case of do a preorder or you prob wont get one.
  4. https://m3ds.bandcamp.com/album/drn4 FM EXPLORATIONS AND MICROTONAL DRONES FROM NYZ (AKA DAVE NOYZE, DAVID BURRASTON, NOYZELAB, BRYEN TELKO) preview audio : http://soundcloud.com/meds-label/nyz-drn4-fractal-compression-mix 90 minute tape, real time duplicated on Nakamichi and Tascam machines. Limited to 100 Copies. & https://m3ds.bandcamp.com/merch/drn4-limited-edition-t-shirt
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