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  1. Could follow Nirvana’s example and change the track name to ‘Waifed’
  2. I’m sure it’s been discussed somewhere, I just can’t find it... There are obvious similarities between parts in at least two tracks on Chaos A.D. Buzz Caner and I Care Because You Do: Chaos A.D. ‘Friend Track’ contains the same drum loop as ‘Cow Cud is a Twin’ - seems the track name would be the obvious clue here Chaos A.D. ‘Dreaded Pestilence’ uses a nearly identical sound (harsh feedback resonant filter lfo fart) to ‘Ventolin’ - I have never heard this sound anywhere else. Does anyone have details, ie did anyone ever confirm/admit that RDJ contributed on Buzz Caner and/or borrowed material from it for ICBYD or vice versa?
  3. whoo doggy I can't wait, the tinnitus is gonna be totally worth it!
  4. well well well....maybe they are going to have vibert along for the ride, too.
  5. Moving away from the Live Dates 2019 post to something more specific. Let's get this outta the way: Yep, Ticketfly sucks...the internet, bots, the world in general...sucks. If Ticketfly screwed you over, Ceremonia would maybe pencil out cheaper, even with airfare and lodging, considering the inflated ticket price for the Brooklyn gig. Unless you live within driving distance of NYC. Coachella is wack af, aint nobody trynna do dat + 2 much $$$$$$. So here we are. The lucky few, like myself, who would like to think they caressed their browser in all the right ways (but probably just got lucky enough) to score a ticket for face value. And the disgruntled many, stomachs in knots as they ponder the authenticity of their secondhand tripleprice ticket. Or the as yet ticketless soldiers out there who remain conflicted about how to proceed because capitalism is truly the most miserable experience. But. TBH, all I really want out of this thread is insider info on supporting acts.......
  6. tudikaswayne


    Now look, maybe your method of ear massage differs from mine, but you know actual Aphex and regular old mid-2000's IDM ain't the same ****ing ball park. It ain't the same league. It ain't even the same ****ing sport! Steinvord, yes, prolly, for sure, definitely, but this is not even close.
  7. Cool, thanks for the explanation. I can't believe how simple it is. I've been listening to Drukqs since it came out, still finding new stuff, it's like a fractal or something.
  8. I've watched this probably 100 times and I still can't figure out what's going on. Can anyone on here explain it? I've never used a tracker, but I've watched plenty of videos of jungle/dnb being made on one, and those I can grasp, they seem much more simple and linear than the process RDJ is using here. Are most of the sounds derived from just a few short samples, just triggered/looped/pitched differently to form the various parts? What are the colored vertical lines that seem to scroll back and forth across the waveforms?
  9. Ae's new setup looks well IDM, look at all those screens Next AE tour will just be them drawing equations/code on transparency paper with an overhead projector.You have to know the coding language and the behavior of its functions, using your brain as the compiler. The only sounds in the room are scruffy beard-strokes and the occasional "fuck yeah boys!" Truly next level. Haha I love that, would be a good quote for my Autechre zine This needs to be the new WATMM splash page
  10. so this is how it got done before craigslist, huh.
  11. gwely mernans was the highlight for me. the subs were definitely out of proportion, too large to strike a balance, as they usually are nowadays. but the gut-wrenching massage made it all okay.
  12. I was going to go last night just for Skee Mask, but it's my first time in Italy, so naturally I ate a whole pizza and passed out. Stoked to get the backsides of my optic nerves cleaned with 1 million lumens of lasers/strobes and my eardrums re-aligned with that Aphex brand 50 grit resonant filter polish tonight.
  13. I was not at funkhaus, but at bime, I couldn't make out the difference between tracks, edits of said tracks, and modular farts/sandpaper sounds. seeing as the track lists of bime and funkhaus sets are at least 50% the same, i imagine it's possible he's gone and chopped all the tracks up and is either playing pre-made "remixes" or "live" sequencing. bringing along a sidekick (cooly aka nina kraviz's doppelganger) would make the whole loading and sequencing while djing process much more reasonable than if he was solo. or they are just pressing play on a 90 minute wav file. either way, I had a huge grin the entire time, and there is absolutely nothing better than getting sandblasted by 500 bpm filter blips during the blowout at the end.
  14. It's a special live set by afx and vibert called total brainmelt ..joking, no idea but hoping for something good, different from that "avantgarde pop" There was a lady that joined him at Bime. Of course it was impossible to see through all the strobe lights, but she sort of looked like Nina Kraviz to me, could've been subliminal since she was on the lineup for the next night. But for real for real I'm still hoping ? = Steinvord.
  15. i have a suspicion that maybe bilbao is trying to put itself on the map as a tech-friendly "cool" place to work and live, and this festival is part of that strategy. the design of the website, the stages sponsored by heineken and such, even the lineup itself all seem sorta cobbled together by marketing people who don't really have a grasp of what their theme is. but you gotta hand it to them for booking Aphex, that's really all the hype it takes to get me to go!
  16. Program released in the Bime app today - Aphex at 1:50 AM. Wooohoooo!
  17. Anyone have a clue (or want to speculate with me) as to what time daddy will be slated to appear? It seems like the Friday headliner (biggest size name on the poster being the only clue) last year was Royal Blood at 9:45 PM. But they are a rock group, so early makes sense, and Orbital played that same night/morning at 1:50 AM, which would make the most sense for Aphex, because, I guess people need time to get drugs and let them kick in before the lasers go full blast. The reason I'm kinda sweating it is because long story short, I was flying into Barcelona on Friday 10/26 anyways, so taking a litttle side trip to Bilbao seemed like no big deal. But I'll be getting to the venue about 10PM. I figured Spaniards stay up crazy late, but then I looked at last year's program and then, well, the overthinking started. This is last year's program:
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