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  1. Possibly for coinage in the future depending on how much interest I get. I'm familiar with bandcamp for music of course, does it have some way of dealing with groups of shorter sounds? I should perhaps have mentioned my sounds are all in nested folder structures like Effects\Game FX\Short\ for example. I was hoping to find somewhere where I can upload that will keep the directory structure for people to browse through. As far as I know bandcamp would mean me lumping them into their own albums? And I think you can only download the whole 'album' at a time?
  2. Hi guys, What recommendations do yous have for sites/services that I can upload my own sound designs/samples to, so that I can freely share them with people? I've already uploaded some to freesound.org, but it seems each upload has to go through a vetting process, and once they're up there the management interface isn't all that great. Ideally it would be some service where I can just upload the entire directories as they are on my hard drive (since they're already sorted into categories), and people can preview them in browser without having to explicitly download the file. Bonus points if whole folders/packs can be downloaded by users as opposed to having to downloading files individually. Google search has brought up looperman.com and sampleswap.org so I'll give those a go now and see if they fit the bill. And in case anyone's interested in the few I've put up so far here's the link to my freesound profile. Those are all of a similar theme (noisy, metallic, formanted scatters of transients), but I've a whole slew of more interesting stuff I need to stick somewhere. Cheers Edit 9-Sept-17: Did some comparison testing on various sites, here are my notes in case they're useful for anyone else: I've gone with Google Drive for uploading my one-shots and ambiences to as it seems to have the most granular control in terms of sharing permissions and file management. As standard it's limited to 15GB total storage but I'll be surprised if I ever fill that up with my own material. Sticking to looperman for uploading musical loops to as they would fill up my Google Drive quota faster, and they are much more geared to the audience of looperman anyway.
  3. I like the variation over time, it's like a little story. Idk about the hard panning bit that comes in at 1:40, especially with headphones on it makes me feel a bit dizzy... Unless that's what you were going for; take your head off 'n all.
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