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  1. So I've been drifting around with various different names for projects and none have stuck cause the names all suck. I don't even like them when I make them I just can't come up with anything. How did you guys come up with yours? I always hear that it just comes from living life and hearing things and some stuff just sticks.
  2. Wow this actually really took off. Yeah, I mean, I definitely agree on the ai music. I think generative music will keep growing and becoming more of a thing in our daily lives. And like... I brought up sound design, cause sometimes new sound design techniques spawn new directions to composition. I.e with smaller synthesisers and electronic music. Before portable synths electronic music was all niche and experimental with a couple exceptions.
  3. Where do you guys think the future of music will be? I've started hearing granular sampling techniques in most of the new stuff I listen to. Do you think the amount of people using max/puredata/reaktor/supercollider etc. etc. is effecting the way we approach sound design?
  4. Thanks actually. That's how I used to work, but as soon as I started speeding up I lost track of the other stuff
  5. Yeah, spacing the drums out a bit a better has already made space for other stuff in my head. Those 3 extra bars of open space eliminated clutter. Now to stew over a movie to sample to get an idea for the mood.
  6. That's a good idea, unfortunately I forgot I had to go do something, so I'm leaving it to stew for the next 3 and a half hours. I'll try it when I get back.
  7. I've thought about that, but I think the root of the problem is it's too busy a break to start with. I think because the drums are too close it doesn't have the space in my head for anything else. I expanded the patterns out to be a bar of 5/4 and 6/4 and I'm working on spacing the break out so you really get to hear the snare rolls without immediately being hit with more drums.
  8. See I've been able to make decent chopped up glitched out breaks in renoise, the only problem is I can't find good sounds to fill out the song and turn it from a mish-mash of fast drums and empty space into a fully-realized song, or even just a rough-draft with breaks and a bass synth. Attached is a sample of the "song" I'm working on. newbreak217.wav
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