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  1. On 1/17/2023 at 3:49 AM, user said:

    Nice one! Total bargain at 70 sea creatures.

    I've always coveted the DDD-5, initially purely based on its looks but it sounds pretty good too imho. Don't know anything about its specs or workflow or anything though, does it have individual outs?

    This afternoon I was giving my trusty Korg i5M arranger module a quick last spin before we have to part ways and lost like an hour just going through presets with a keystep. So many cool vibes.

    Any chance of getting a short demo or something? Slap some quadraverb on it if you can!

    Hey man no this one just hasn't left and right jack outs - that's it plus other standard connections. You can tune drums individually though which is handy and it has decay too. The samples a quite crusty which is nice for that sort of rough 80s vibe. It's a nice drum machine both in terms of looks and functionality. Definitely good for oldskool hip hop and funk! The swing is a bit weird though so I'll need to play with it lol. Will try and do another video demoing it's sounds!!! Don't know if you managed to watch the whole video but I explain are fair bit about it with my first impressions and yes it's quite rare. 🙂 Reminds me a bit of the Yamaha RX drum machines.

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  2. Hey all look what I got!!! And guess what it's actually working!!! Well mostly but yeah all the functions work as I've tested it!!! It's a lovely looking drum machine and pretty groovy. The swing is a bit weird though!! Anyone else got one??


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  3. Hi guys gonna probably scrap promoting Soundcloud on here for the moment which is a shame but they removed my account as they claimed I was promoting my music too much or more specifically I was commented on too many peoples tunes. They did reinstate though. I will send them a response for further clarification but will probably switch to posting my stuff mainly on Youtube. I get better engagement there anyhow. Thanks.

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