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  1. Sounds good and has separate outs. I used to have a 606 but got rid of it. ☹️
  2. TheBro


    Feeling this. Nice acid vibes!! Very well produced too.
  3. Another jungle jam. 2nd tune of 2020. Would be ace to get some feedback please!!! Thanks. 😎
  4. Some fresh ass jungle. First tune of 2020. Let me know what you guys think!! Nice one.
  5. I hope Akai bring out a sampler that's more compact that the Akai MPC Live and cheaper too. I think its a great sampler though and I'd love to get one if I had the money!!!
  6. FM is okay but overrated. This WaveState sounds well lush though.
  7. I just reuploaded it as I made a few changes. Last tune of 2019. Let me know what you think. Nice one!!
  8. New Junglist bizness!!!
  9. Deep Medi vibes on this. Just fucking love it. Proper dubstep. 😉 Listen to Distant City Lights by Illegal Subz on #SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/illegal-subz/distant-city-lights
  10. More about the FX on this one but they're fucking wicked!!! Heavy!!! Never heard this version before.
  11. Of course I remember these guys. Remember listening to them on John Peel. 😎👊
  12. Also this seeing as we're talking about Detroit music. That's a hot groove!!!
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