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  1. Awesome. I may download it just to get a feel for this. Although the reviews haven't been great for it so far.
  2. Check it out gang and I did a little video of it. Its really good app actually - am very impressed!!!
  3. 2 weeks I've been told before I get the Behringer TD-3 yellow. I can wait. 😎
  4. Reflexes is cool. 80s vibe. Dig it. Like those claps reminds me of Dead or Alive lol.
  5. Cheers dude. Thanks man.
  6. Reminds me of Modex /Psedludux. Kinda 80s video game vibe. Not totally my vibe but still pretty cool. 🙂
  7. TheBro


    Sick man. That's some awesome reverb.
  8. Thanks man. Yeah BM3 is cool. Let me know if you want to know more about it!
  9. Something fresh from The Bro camp. Enjoy.
  10. Me either lol. Got quality sounds though.
  11. What about Mantronix. He used the 909 massively. I like the 2nd one. Doesn't really sound like hip hop to me though but I guess hip hop is pretty fluid these days. 🙂
  12. Got my record player up and running after a long hiatus lol. I'm well excited.
  13. No way - never lol. It doesn't need bending it has individual outputs Modey. 🙂 Yeah man I love the 707. 909 would be ace but too expensive lol.
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