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  1. Got something special planned. Hola at me!!! Cheers. You can pm me if you like. 😎
  2. TheBro


    Fuck that was nice!!!
  3. Thanks dude. Getting a lot of positive feedback on this tune!!!
  4. Some fresh jungle!!! Emotional this one. Listen to The Bro - This is the one (demo) by The Bro on #SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/thebro/the-bro-this-is-the-one-demo
  5. I want to get an Amiga now just to make jungle rave tunes ha ha. Been looking into but I don't have the space yet alas.
  6. Thanks Dan. Nice one!
  7. Another one from the archives!!! Listen to The Bro - 3rd Phase (Remastered) by The Bro on #SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/thebro/the-bro-3rd-phase
  8. Lol. Chiptune stylee!!
  9. It's fun. I bought mine dirt cheap and it was in good condition!!!
  10. I actually bought it for 50 squid lol.
  11. Lol nah I just want one. I got a 505 which is pretty nice. Personally I think the whole 707 vibe is nice.
  12. One from the archives!!! Listen to The Bro - BBC & C64 lovers (demo) by The Bro on #SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/thebro/the-bro-bbc-c64-lovers-demo
  13. I'll be honest I do want a 707 for nostalgia purposes plus it was one of the Chicago House drum machines. I do like the sounds too. I think the cowbell is ace. I think 400 isn't too bad for what you get!
  14. Awesome. This is the drum machine I want so bad.
  15. Sounds like dubstep to me lol or trap ha ha. I like it though. Bassline is nice and creamy and the chords are very lush.
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