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  1. Some fresh jungle / rave
  2. Ha ha cheers. Glad you were feeling it!! I aim to please. 😎
  3. Sounds good for Glitchy type of beats but still £1.99 is nothing for what it can do.
  4. I just downloaded it. Its good but it seems to change the pitch which is a bit annoying. Still sounds very decent. Anyone else bought it and if so what do you think? http://www.synthtopia.com/content/2019/10/17/looking-for-treble-klevgrand-introduces-knorr-bass-vitalizer/
  5. Is that a Roland JV under the MS2000?
  6. Yeah a friend is getting it for me and when I get the chance I'll go and pick it up.
  7. Rocking the Neutron I see!!!
  8. Cheers man. It's old stuff lol. Trying to find the original MP3 then I'll post it to SoundCloud. By the way which track are you referring to? 😎
  9. I was gonna say someone likes their cables lol.
  10. Some old housey tune from 2006. Really old footage from the DJ booth. Enjoy!!
  11. Very musical!! Only criticism would be that as others have mentioned the beats themselves seem to lack a bit punch / bottom end.
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