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  1. Thanks dude!!! And thanks for the likes all. Anyone else feeling this yo?
  2. Something fresh from me The Bro. Enjoy!!!
  3. Leave them in future lol. Proper bangers!!
  4. All I can say is these Luke Vibert tracks rock!!!
  5. Those tunes sounded fucking banging to me. Dunno why you took them down lol.
  6. Sounds dope to me. £150 is a no brainer especially with the individual outs!!
  7. I did a jungle tune recently and the sub was fine but on other tunes it'll be faint and fundamentally I can't see a huge difference in the breaks and sounds I'm using. Thanks for the advise anyways!! 🙂
  8. That's strange I wonder why it won't work on my Laptop. 😞
  9. Fonky man!!! Really like this soundtrack its cheesy but fun to listen to.
  10. Windows Defender keeps blocking it and automatically deleting the .exe file. Nothing I do can change that. I used it before the latest updates and it was fine. Very strange.
  11. Total bangers both of these!! Frikken' love them. I even reposted the first one on my SoundCloud!!!
  12. Some fresh ass jungle straight out The Bro lab. Let us know what you think peeps!!! Cheers. The_Bro_-_Trumpeting_It_(Demo).mp3
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