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  1. Thanks man appreciate that!
  2. Fresh jam from moi! Enjoy. 😉
  3. Those beats darn. Sub is fucking tasty too. Not a fan of the pads if I'm honest but the beats and sub pure fire!!!
  4. Fucking banging dude. Love that fret / slappy bassline bit. Some of the bits weren't 100% my vibe the beats were on point! I hate to say but yes it reminds me of []pusher lol.
  5. I really hate the band they turned into ... absolute shite. Your track ain't too bad tho dude. Feels like it needs that pumpin' bassline tho lol. Nice one.
  6. Been a long time!!! Hope to post something a bit longer next time lol. Blessings.
  7. Banging!!! Love it! Very squelchy!!!!
  8. Prices on Reverb are stupid lol. I doubt I doubt I would ever buy off that site!
  9. Another jam I just put up on Youtube!!! Feedback appreciated!!! Thanks in advance!!!
  10. Hey man thanks for listening. Glad you dug it!!! Blessings. Anyone else yo?
  11. Neutron is pretty sexy though. 😎
  12. Great introduction. Really enjoyed reading that. Can relate a lot to what you wrote. Brilliant stuff!
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