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  1. Nice one will check these!
  2. I think you're called Silent Member for a reason. Be wise to keep it that way.
  3. I'm not upgrading for me it's like buying it new which isn't really fair. I bought 11 a few years ago. I dunno man fair play to Ableton for having a leading product but I just think they're too greedy a very good example being Push 3 which is for me an incomplete useless product lol and very overpriced.
  4. Me I'm a producer first and DJ second. I've probably DJ'd about 30 times over the years in clubs/venues and DJ'd on radio on Sub FM about 10 years ago for a few years too. I love DJing but don't give it enough time.
  5. Yoo guys. Did another electro jam! Love to know your thoughts!
  6. Yo guys I did an electro.
  7. What about Serato Sample 2.0. Looks decent and I think it's like £9.99 per month on subscription. Thoughts?
  8. Yoooo! Word up! Did a quick electro techno jam. Let us know what you think! Bless.
  9. Sadly yes. To us it's a thing of beauty.
  10. Try BM3 or Logic. They've just started updating BM3 recently which is good. Hope it's a trend but yeah that's what I use on the iPad. Need any tips let me know. Anyways mainly use Live on the Mac tho!
  11. Hey all curious about what your YouTubes channels are. I had thread before about this but can't find it. Anyways here's mine to kick it off. Need to post some fresh videos! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4StG6VrsCfV_e9v3SVO3Hg
  12. I think you guys misread his original post lol. He just wants to know how to fit in some music whilst working which I get. My suggestion would be to get an iPad and run Logic on it or BM3 if you have a commute as that will allow you to do music in between!
  13. He's playing in Brighton at 'Brighton Loves Jungle' on 15 Sept. He's gonna be doing an Amen Andrews set. Should be reaching. Just letting others know.
  14. I wanna get one at some point but it'd be probably the only piece of hardware synthwise I'd buy for long time after that. I heard it's still a bit glitchy tho.
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