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  1. And on YouTube too!!!
  2. Hey guys feel free to sample this!!!
  3. Awesome I'll check em out dude!
  4. Yeah dude I just like collecting them. Limitations are part of what I dig about them lol. Yeah I could get some bells and whistles piece of gear but I grew up in the 80s so these have nice appeal! I know they're limited to an extent but one day soon I hope I'll get them all hooked up in a studio space as at the moment I'm just short on space. The good thing is these do have Trigger ins or outs so you can interface them with other gear like the Volcas etc etc. I will try and do a proper jam session too and pop it up soon I hope!! Thanks. 😎
  5. Couldn't agree more with your sentiments!!! Will do a proper jam one day with my collection!! It's in good condition this Drum Machine though so I'm pretty chuffed. Thanks for the enthusiasm! 😎
  6. Thanks dude. It is actually quite punchy although I was a bit tame with the delay mangling lol. Blessings.
  7. Interesting I've always been intrigued by these. How do you find them?
  8. I've been on the platform for years but only just logged into tonight again lol. Anyone still using it - is it still relevant?
  9. There's some videos on the performance of it and it's immense!!!
  10. Yeah Squarepusher used a breakbeat for that lol.
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