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  1. Started some cheeky little techno number!!! Check it out. The Bro - Techno Roots (demo) by The Bro | Free Listening on SoundCloud
  2. Frikken' love it. Really groovy!!! That acid squelchy bit is awesome and we'll danceable!!! Great job!!!
  3. I emailed him. No response yet lol.
  4. No idea. Maybe someone should e-mail him lol.
  5. This is one of my all time favourite tunes!! Bo!!! Naem - YouTube Still waiting on Spectrum 2. Spectrum is for me the best thing he did. 😎
  6. Awesome thanks! Glad you liked it! Anyone else? 😉
  7. That cello is very nice. Hope I got the instrument correct lol. This riff was quite nice too. What synth were you using for the orchestral elements?
  8. This is a great track. Yes it's repetitive to an extent but I really enjoyed it! Great mix too.
  9. Thanks dude. Respect!!! 👊🏻 Awesome really appreciate that!!! Anyone else feeling this yo?
  10. I made some more jungle! Enjoy!! The Bro - Movement (demo) by The Bro | Free Listening on SoundCloud
  11. 220 I think is fast enough. I made a few at the tempo a long ago! 120-140bpm mostly for me for house, techno, acid and dubstep 170-200bpm for jungle and dnb
  12. This track is epic!!! Love it!!! Aqualine by The Jaffa Kid (soundcloud.com)
  13. Mm I'm using Live 11. Oh well.
  14. Anyone use this back in the day? I want to get Slayer 2 VST or something similar. 😄
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