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  1. Will check these out in a bit. 😎👍🏻
  2. Forgot how much of a banger this tune was!!! It was one of the tracks off the first Peel Session I think.
  3. Ah I see I understand. 🙂
  4. Awesome sounds like you know your stuff!!! Yeah that's probably the worst tune off the record 😂 but the rest are great imo.
  5. Oldskool vibes but with that dark kinda otherworld pad. Bit repetative I'd say would be my main criticism to be honest.
  6. I wasn't really into these if I'm totally honest. I think harmonies and chords you're using aren't really up my street. That said I still think these are quite reasonable even though I wasn't feeling them. 🙂
  7. Nice little set up!!
  8. The other one is wicked too. Love that reverse bass - sounds authentic!!! Yeah Ruff Take is definitely my vibe especially when that Prodigy style riff comes in around the 3 min mark. Nice cut ups with the beats too. This stuff definitely feels like it could have been made around 1995!!!
  9. I really like Krethy Lecks!!! Beats are fire!! Just wished you added a lead on top of the pads!! Great stuff though. Will listen to the other tune.
  10. I don't know if Jaffa posts here but he used to post on Xltronic I recall. Anyhow I thought I'd do him a favour and post this tune he did and any other good ones from him because I believe you guys need to hear this stuff. This one is so good. I've listened to maybe 10 times in a row!!! Listen to Olyqu by The Jaffa Kid on #SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/jaffakid-1/olyqu
  11. I agree people are trying to sell hardware for silly prices now on Ebay and elsewhere. I can think of so many different bits of gear that have had a massive inflation in price without justification. The only example of a piece of gear that I believe is undervalued is the Roland TR707 which I think is great for the price and I paid £250 for my one although I see some sellers on Ebay trying to sell them for £600-1k!!! Although I think the going price is actually £350-400 for a pretty mint condition one.
  12. Not bad man. Mine isn't in perfect condition but I seem to recall paying £35 for it. 🙂
  13. Midiquest has a really bad rep from my understanding. A lot of folks say the software freezes and is buggy. How much you pay for yours out of interest? 🙂
  14. This seems to be the only decent editor I could find for the Roland D110 and its for Ipad / Mac. Luckily I have an Ipad!! https://coffeeshopped.com/patch-base/editor/roland/d-110
  15. Exactly. I think a few people have produced editors for it bringing it into the 21st Century. I saw this pretty ace demo last night on Youtube which showcases the D110 and to my ears its a massive improvement over the presets.
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