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  1. There was an option for print at home or ship hard copy tix during check out so just find a resller with hard copies to avoid a potential scam.
  2. Got em. Just FYI I tried the code on the Ticketfly app and it said none available but switched to the website and had no problem getting tix. Edit: Just tried the app again and it seems to be working now, was able to add tix to cart so they’re still available. Get on it guys!
  3. Aphex confirmed for Coachella. https://www.coachella.com/lineup/#/artists/alphabetical Never thought I’d say this, but see y’all at Coachella!
  4. I didn't see any merch at all. Bummer. Same at BIME. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed that there will be some kind of Aphex merch at C2C, but it seems very unlikely :(
  5. So jealous of those who went. Was there any exclusive merch? Or merch period?
  6. No Aphex merch, and very little merch for other bands :/
  7. Anybody know what’s up with the “?” on the lineup? It’s on the slot after Aphex on the schedule so I’m assuming a mystery artist? Any ideas?
  8. RDJ killed it last night, shout out to any of you that were up on the rail with me! https://www.instagram.com/p/BpbIfwNFtFy/?hl=en
  9. Ah that could very well be the case. And agreed, RDJ headlining seals the deal for me. I'm not too interested in the rest of the lineup, but I'll gladly hop on a plane to Europe for Aphex!
  10. Is it just me or is there a serious lack of hype for this show? I’m excited as fuck, and I’m hoping the lack of hype/advertising will result in a smaller crowd and more intimate show.
  11. Saturday Night Lever Chitty Chitty Gang Bang Half Naked The Mound of Music Dabin Fever Lake Flacid Crazy Rice Asians The Legs Movie
  12. Has it been confirmed that Day for Night is dead? As for Aphex playing a summer fest in the US, I could see him playing Hard Summer Fest rather than Coachella.
  13. You da man!! Much appreciation to you and Joyrex for working to get this hosted here!
  14. Does anyone know if the AudioTelepathy video of Aphex Twin's full set at Day for Night is still hosted anywhere online? It was removed by Warp after T69 Collapse was released, and I'm hoping that it's still up somewhere so I can download it. This is the link to the original video,
  15. Very nice, but wish it was longer! I'd also love to hear it sped up a bit
  16. Very dreamy sounds. Really love the sequence that comes in at 1:00
  17. This is my new studio space. I still need to set up a lot more shit, but this is what I make noise with most of the time. Sorry for the shit-quality pics.
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