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random midi clock buggery

Guest furrybum

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Guest furrybum

right then, where to begin with this one..


Im in an electronica band and our set up is based mainly around a few grooveboxes and synths. i use a macbook running live which is connected to the midi chain via a midi thru box. the midi clock is being transmitted by a korg EMX.


Last night we were practicing and things didn't sound right. All the audio parts i have in live sounded wrong when slaved to the electribe, as if they were being slowed down. I turned the warp settings off on them and they sounded fine.


We then tried slaving it to a roland mc505 and the same thing happened.


Now when i got home I hooked my macbook up to my own EMX and everything works perfectly!!!!1


What's going on????


sorry if any of this is a bit unclear but im slowly losing my mind trying to figure this out!!!

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