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Robert Anton Wilson (RIP) documentary

Guest earlGREEN

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Guest earlgrey

Saw a posthumous DVD documentary on RAW last week ... an interesting pop-philosophy dude that wrote some fnord novels and was editor for Playboy for a bit. Simultaneously described himself as a Christian, Buddhist, Discordian, etc. - though I'm not sure whether he means it seriously or likes to fuck with people. (Does anyone really take Discordianism seriously!?) There was lots of BOC's music in it. To be honest, it came across as really tacky with RAW speaking his mind on e.g. the relationship of self to world, with cheap "psychedelic" digital visual effects and BOC's music meandering along. Decent film though, but I don't really recommend it for a tripping film; a lot of it focuses on RAW's death and his suffering of extreme pain towards the end of his life. However, that allows him to say some wise things about the permissability of medical marijuana and the utilitarianesque view that our society should aim to eradicate all consciousness of pain using psychoactive drugs.


Anyone else seen it? Thoughts?

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Guest Moebius

Sounds interesting, I have wanted to read Illuminatus! for a good while now but I have a hard time finding used copies. BoC have made a few mentions of the Illuminatus! Trilogy and Anton Wilson in particular so the use of their music is fitting.

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