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spec.dev : live on air tomorrow : worldwide show times

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live on air

Saturday October 13th 2007

6:30 pm Eastern Time (worldwide times below)

If your in Cleveland dial your radios in to 91.1FM. Out of the area listen live online at wruw 91.1.




Anyone that has followed our recent live performance history knows that every set is different and this one will be no exception. We are considering releaseing a series of live recordings from the past year illustrating our evolution from minimal techno through to more experimental sounds.


Getting even deeper into microsound/ambient territory this set will be especially deep and probably mostly unsynchronized between our two machines.


Then next Thursday the 18th catch us at The Grog Shop in Cleveland w/Digitalism for what will be our last performance of the year before we hibernate into the studio.


Worldwide on air times for tomorrows live radio performance.

wruw 91.1


Honolulu Sat 12:30 PM

Anchorage Sat 2:30 PM

Vancouver Sat 3:30 PM

San Francisco Sat 3:30 PM

Seattle Sat 3:30 PM

Los Angeles Sat 3:30 PM

Phoenix Sat 3:30 PM

Edmonton Sat 4:30 PM

Denver Sat 4:30 PM

Guatemala Sat 4:30 PM

San Salvador Sat 4:30 PM

Tegucigalpa Sat 4:30 PM

Managua Sat 4:30 PM

Mexico City Sat 5:30 PM

Winnipeg Sat 5:30 PM

Houston Sat 5:30 PM

Minneapolis Sat 5:30 PM

St. Paul Sat 5:30 PM

New Orleans Sat 5:30 PM

Chicago Sat 5:30 PM

Montgomery Sat 5:30 PM

Lima Sat 5:30 PM

Kingston Sat 5:30 PM

Bogota Sat 5:30 PM

Indianapolis Sat 6:30 PM

Atlanta Sat 6:30 PM

Detroit Sat 6:30 PM

Havana Sat 6:30 PM

Miami Sat 6:30 PM

Toronto Sat 6:30 PM

Nassau Sat 6:30 PM

Washington DC Sat 6:30 PM

Ottawa Sat 6:30 PM

Philadelphia Sat 6:30 PM

New York Sat 6:30 PM

Montreal Sat 6:30 PM

Boston Sat 6:30 PM

Santiago Sat 6:30 PM

Santo Domingo Sat 6:30 PM

La Paz Sat 6:30 PM

Caracas Sat 6:30 PM

San Juan Sat 6:30 PM

Asuncion Sat 6:30 PM

Halifax Sat 7:30 PM

Buenos Aires Sat 7:30 PM

Brasilia Sat 7:30 PM

Sao Paulo Sat 7:30 PM

Rio de Janeiro Sat 7:30 PM

St. John's Sat 8:00 PM

Montevideo Sat 8:30 PM

Reykjavik Sat 10:30 PM

Casablanca Sat 10:30 PM

Lisbon Sat 11:30 PM

Dublin Sat 11:30 PM

London Sat 11:30 PM

Lagos Sat 11:30 PM

Algiers Sat 11:30 PM

Madrid Sun 12:30 AM

Barcelona Sun 12:30 AM

Paris Sun 12:30 AM

Brussels Sun 12:30 AM

Amsterdam Sun 12:30 AM

Geneva Sun 12:30 AM

Zürich Sun 12:30 AM

Frankfurt Sun 12:30 AM

Oslo Sun 12:30 AM

Copenhagen Sun 12:30 AM

Rome Sun 12:30 AM

Berlin Sun 12:30 AM

Prague Sun 12:30 AM

Zagreb Sun 12:30 AM

Vienna Sun 12:30 AM

Stockholm Sun 12:30 AM

Cape Town Sun 12:30 AM

Budapest Sun 12:30 AM

Belgrade Sun 12:30 AM

Warsaw Sun 12:30 AM

Johannesburg Sun 12:30 AM

Harare Sun 12:30 AM

Cairo Sun 12:30 AM

Jerusalem Sun 12:30 AM

Sofia Sun 1:30 AM

Athens Sun 1:30 AM

Tallinn Sun 1:30 AM

Helsinki Sun 1:30 AM

Bucharest Sun 1:30 AM

Minsk Sun 1:30 AM

Istanbul Sun 1:30 AM

Kyiv Sun 1:30 AM

Odesa Sun 1:30 AM

Khartoum Sun 1:30 AM

Ankara Sun 1:30 AM

Beirut Sun 1:30 AM

Amman Sun 1:30 AM

Nairobi Sun 1:30 AM

Addis Ababa Sun 1:30 AM

Baghdad Sun 1:30 AM

Aden Sun 1:30 AM

Riyadh Sun 1:30 AM

Antananarivo Sun 1:30 AM

Kuwait City Sun 1:30 AM

Tehran Sun 2:00 AM

Moscow Sun 2:30 AM

Dubai Sun 2:30 AM

Kabul Sun 3:00 AM

Karachi Sun 3:30 AM

Tashkent Sun 3:30 AM

Islamabad Sun 3:30 AM

Lahore Sun 3:30 AM

Mumbai Sun 4:00 AM

New Delhi Sun 4:00 AM

Kolkata Sun 4:00 AM

Kathmandu Sun 4:15 AM

Dhaka Sun 4:30 AM

Yangon Sun 5:00 AM

Bangkok Sun 5:30 AM

Hanoi Sun 5:30 AM

Jakarta Sun 5:30 AM

Kuala Lumpur Sun 6:30 AM

Singapore Sun 6:30 AM

Hong Kong Sun 6:30 AM

Perth Sun 6:30 AM

Beijing Sun 6:30 AM

Manila Sun 6:30 AM

Shanghai Sun 6:30 AM

Taipei Sun 6:30 AM

Seoul Sun 7:30 AM

Tokyo Sun 7:30 AM

Darwin Sun 8:00 AM

Adelaide Sun 8:00 AM

Melbourne Sun 8:30 AM

Canberra Sun 8:30 AM

Sydney Sun 8:30 AM

Brisbane Sun 8:30 AM

Vladivostok Sun 9:30 AM

Suva Sun 10:30 AM

Kamchatka Sun 11:30 AM

Auckland Sun 11:30 AM

Anadyr Sun 11:30 AM

Chatham Island Sun 12:15 PM

Kiritimati Sun 12:30 PM

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