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mixing in ableton live 4

Guest jamesy boy!

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Guest heliumb
Is Ableton a decent program for mixing music? Are there any decent guides?


Like dj mixing? I don't know if there's a guide, but once you do the little built-in tutorials & get the hang of warping you will be in business. I made my 1st non-vinyl mix this summer on Live4 and it was a lot of fun & I play out a lot more now. I'm sure Live5 works even better due to mp3 support & some autowarp action.


Some kind of midi controller is helpful but not needed. Abe rocks for making eternal spontaneous ultra spaz mixes. It takes a little prep work, but then you can go balls out.


tips: Use repitch mode so you won't have to worry about bad timestretching on serious tempo changes. Warp the first & last beat first, then sort out the middle.


read this too: http://www.ableton.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=11736

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