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budgeting audio/midi interfaces

Guest idrn

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so i sold my old external sound card to get laid and now need some sort of interface for my macbook. im very happy to use the optical headphone port, so it's more a case of input. the main things i want are:


- phantom powered XLR

- line in

- 1/4" in

- MIDI in/out


the option for monitoring (ie. two simultaneous outs) would be good too. i have a firewire port i dont want to waste, but firewire interfaces are very expensive and would perhaps be overkill. i also have a couple of those cheap usb-to-MIDI cables too, so would a combination of things be my best bet? i don't want to spend much.

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audio kontrol 1 seems to have everything you want...I got mine for like 150 usd with a student discount and have been pretty happy with it.

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