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OLCC caca poopoo

Guest Great Maker ShaiHulud

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Guest Great Maker ShaiHulud

Campari is $29 in Oregon:




Aperol, which is 11% ABV, is 27$:




Now this is fucking bullshit. They sell wine at grocery stores here up to %20 ABV but for some reason Aperol is only available at liquor stores. I think the retard who orders everything for the State just thinks they're the same thing.


Also check this bullshit out:


Bluecoat gin is over 50 fucking dollars:






It's READILY available for $27 online:




I actually just got a shipment in of 5 bottles for me and friends who don't feel like being reamed. The OLCC seems to do this every so often -- pick an normal product and just magically decide that it's high end and "special order only". Now that we have the internet, people are starting to realize that it's really just a scam to collect a pseudo-tax on top of our already high alcohol taxes.



It really gets my goat that ordering online from a liquor store in NEW YORK CITY is actually cheaper than going to the local liquor stores, for %90 of what they stock.

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