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Guest Gary C

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My girlfriend's parents are moving to L.A. and I said I'd do the invites for their leaving party. I've put it off for long enough, and now I need to have done them by Sunday.


I have a pretty good idea of how I want it to look; like a vintage cinema/theatre stub/ticket with the venue and details displayed like the feature.


I used to play around on Photoshop quite a lot, but I haven't in about 4 years now, so CS5 is confusing to me at the moment. Can any Photoshop-minded WATMMers create a ticket-stub stencil for me, please?


This sort of style:





There's no incentive.

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Guest Coalbucket PI

I don't know what I could do that isn't so basic its almost not worth doing. Those ticket stubs are just black text on a plain colour with a rectangle around it. I could knock one out for you but I'm not sure if thats what you want?

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Well, yeah, what I need is pretty basic. The outline (stencil?) of a stub ticket with the perforated/ripped edges. I've found similar pictures online, but none of the images are large enough. Or I don't have the skills to properly draw one myself.

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