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Hello/track Id'ing


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Hello everyone,


I am new here, but on having a quick look around it seems like this is a very nice place to discuss good and bad electronic music. I hope you can welcome me into your community nicely?


anyhow, on with the thread.


I have been listening to this mix for about a year now. it's one of my favourite "releases" of last year, you may have heard it, it was compiled by Tom Rowlands:




Basically, it seems to be a mix of world music which he has layered lots of synthetic sounds over and sort of manipulated into a nice 45 min mix. I love this thing so much and have been fairly obsessed with it for about a year, so basically, i'm sharing this with you because you might enjoy it.


But the main thing I'm interested in, is if you guys are able to help me ID the tracks used? As I would love to track down other pieces/albums whathaveyou from the artists featured on it. hope there is someone around here with tha knowledge. :)

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