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And How We Processed The Darkness Before The Red Tide Ebbed

Guest Aeriform

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Guest Aeriform

New 60min mix following on from Longwave Perestroika™.


Listen or download here.


A journey through the dark 80's into the present day.



Intro (Operation Nimrod)

O.M.D / Radio Prague (1983)

O.M.D / Statues (1980)

Alva Noto / Module 4 (2008)

Cabaret Voltaire / Nag Nag Nag(R.H. Kirk #2 Remix) (2002)

Mild Man Jan Feat. Mark E. Smith / Fistful Of Credit (2000)

Kandling Ray / Athem (2011)

The Wolfgang Press / Lisa (The Passion) (1983)

Mark E. Smith / Dissolute Singer (1998)

Alva Noto / Remodel (2005)

Atom TM / Wellen Und Felder I (2009)

Brian Eno / Dow (2011)

Neu! / Isi (1975)

Laurie Anderson / Oh Superman (Loop) (1982)

Mark E. Smith / The CD In Your Hand (1998)

The Arms Of Someone New / Everything At Once (1989)

Kreidler / Brass Cannon (2009)

Mark E. Smith / Enigrammatic Dream (1998)

Frankie Goes To Hollywood / The Last Voice (1984)

Masacara / Ghost Blanket (2011)

UNKLE / In A Broken Dream (2008)

INXS / To Look At You (1982)

Zwischenwelt / Enigmata (2011)

Tolouse Low Trax / Local Vers (2011)

Trust / Candy Walls (2011)

Alva Noto / Funkbugfx (2004)

Bruce Gilbert / Eline Cout II (1986)

Worriedaboutsatan / Interlude 06 & 09 (2011)

O.M.D / Of All The Things We've Made (1983)

Raime / This Foundry (2010)

Johann Johannsson / The Cause Of Labour Is The Hope Of The World (2011)

Ronald Reagan Speaks At The Brandenburg Gate

Jon Hopkins / Monsters Theme (2010)

Outro (A Static Glimpse Of The Shape Of Things To Come)

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Guest Bourbon Surf

truly awesome mixes, (this and first part)..... putting together mixes can be such a thankless task these days as DJ's are ten a penny, have to admit I rarely listen to my friends mixes let alone randoms from the internet..... it's terrible I expect people to listen to mine, however yours have reinstalled my faith in other peoples mixes.... everything about them blew me away (1 niggle...128kbps??), track selection, the blends.... astounding...


looking forward to hearing them again..... will have a long walk at the weekend and appreciate them again if this Scottish pissy Summer rain lets up.... kudos to you

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Guest Aeriform

Thanks mate, glad you're enjoying them. The first one at 128kbps, schoolboy error and put right with the second installment.


Hope the weather clears for your walk but I can vouch for the fact they work well in the rain too, depends how wet ya wanna get!

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