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The Bro - 3rd Phase

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Guest fiznuthian

dude honestly i fucking love it


clicked your soundcloud while scanning through the hipster thread and put it on,

liked it so much i had to seek out this thread

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You see Bro, when you post in the appropriate forum everyone is nicer. What I think that it's too long, it's hard to fully listen to it and the transitions between different parts are too straight forward. It gets boring after a while when everything happens as you expect. This sounds unfinished imo, you should finish it. :flower:

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Guest hahathhat

@start: nice disco vibe. i like the inflate intro


@0:09: good bassline, but i feel the envelope would benefit from some manipulation. mash the release up here and there, so a note drags on dramatically. do a live recording until it sounds right, as opposed to programming it.


@2:52: this should have started 2 minutes ago!! nice 'n' sonic the hedgehog. maybe build it up further by dropping some breaks on top?


overall: better than saxstep

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Guest Hanratty

this is really nice


main suggestion would be to play with the drums a bit more? a few more little fills or bringing things in and out? there are lots of little variations (like the backwards clap) but just something a bit more dynamic? like bringing in another hi-hat line or a reinforcing new parts with different drum sounds?


like around 0:49 would be a great part to add a heavier kick and snare under that new little melody. and maybe taking out everything but one percussion element (just the kick maybe?) at 1:46 woould make that new part stand out even more.


i would've liked to have seen the break at 2:25 go on a bit longer and build more to the new choiry pad part... maybe even just something dubbing out the claps a bit or kind of riding some feedback on them and then BAM into that new part? i definitely appreciate the minimal kind of structure to it otherwise but i think just a bit more rhythmic spice would liven the whole thing up a bit. i think the transitions would seem a little less leaden that way too.


really like it though... nice one


good critique. i agree. nice track, maybe 90% finished.

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