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Stormchaser - alternate version


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I've been knee deep in the messy quagmire of tweaking and mastering an upcoming album, and after rewriting the bass part on a problematic track I got the urge to do a fun little alternate version - all the same elements, but a much different structure. I thought I'd might as well put it up here in the hope that someone might enjoy it a little, better than rotting in some abandoned folder on my hard drive for eternety at least.


Four-to-the-floor kick drums aren't usually my terratory, but the track is less than 100 bpm so I think I can get away with it in this case. It's a little bit techno, a little bit early-orb-ish, and a little bit chiptune for those that like to know what to expect before downloading.


Stormchaser (Alternate version)


Oh yes, it's not been mixed on any monitors and hasn't had any post-EQ tweaking so if it sounds a bit awful on your setup I apologise. Student with money troubles uses headphones for everything when studio time is scarce... sorry.

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