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Frog World Sessions (2010)


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press release


DJ Saint-Hubert's latest album consists of tracks made as an experiment to create the most uncomfortable and counter-productive soundtrack ever made. Step into an 8-bit existential nightmare starting with the opening track Goat Autism, featuring a brazenly minimalistic beat over chopped-up voice samples and a piercing synth line that drunkenly navigates through a bizarre abstract soundscape. Next is Food World, featuring spastic drum machine programming and a squishy acid line. Next up is Baby Police Sonic Aszalt Krew, a hectic breakcore workout that quickly builds before dissolving into a chilled but still somewhat paranoid ambient interlude. The next track Hideo Kojima features an almost militaristic tune mixed with distorted vocal samples, bleeding more and more until turning into a rumbling wall of noise. boil the water pour tthpacket starts with a droning acid line and then suddenly sinks into a murky vague soundscape which seems to move uphill towards some unknown destination. The next track Chuch steps into a more colorful and cavernous sort of murkiness, while the drum beat continuously breaks through with a determined desperation. Finally the drums give way to a ghostly reverb which sounds almost orchestrated. Daddude Headphone is a short but haunting track with altered voice samples tickling your eardrums so that you may check to make sure no one else is in the room! Rick Steves 4/20 Everyday is a 13-minute epic, the first 5 minutes featuring a slowly building ambience as drum machines and found sounds skitter by, and then turns into an improvised noise session as the pitch rises and seems to turn into a whirlpool of madness that no mortal can escape! Guy Fieri Most Wanted gives the listener a breather with juicy acid lines and almost string-like synths that suggest a barren wasteland, a man on a mission... dan hesse c.e.o. of sprint is another improvised jam session warping a voice sample into all different tones and forming a gooey landscape in the background, as an odd time signatured beat drives the song forward all while morphing and dissolving in various ways. Eternal Genitalia features drum beats scattered to the point of sounding like they're falling over, while eerie voices and synths are introduced until it all falls into place and they all duck and swerve past each other to create a frenzied atmosphere. Konacof1 is another exercise in minimalism, sterile synths concealing an odd feeling of menace. Just as the bleakness is too much to bear, arrpeggiated synths are introduced like a small beacon of hope at the end of the tunnel. Baby Mama the Famicom is another short track with playfully aggressive rhythms that seem to separate and merge while melancholy synths play in the background. Baby Police VIP Mix reprises track 3 with a spoken word rendition of the eponymous sample while a pink mucous-like texture builds and seems to stick to the headphones before breaking free while more eerie synths unfold and a cavernous reverb holds it all together.


(8/7/2010 05:11:58) R.: what a cool/smug looking guy

(8/7/2010 05:11:52) R.: ok the ending toy owned also whoa i would have played with that toystory woody

(8/7/2010 05:09:07) R.: that sporterman (spiderman SNICKER) is really good

(8/7/2010 05:08:48) R.: ok bootleg toys

(8/7/2010 05:06:15) R.: duckjones, the icing of the cake

(8/7/2010 05:05:34) R.: ahahhaha 3 in 1 NO CONTEST

(8/7/2010 05:05:18) R.: Super wonderful mario looks like a genuine 80's disney comic with all the stupidly smiling disney characters that feat in donald duck comics

(8/7/2010 05:04:42) R.: Darkman

(8/7/2010 05:04:32) R.: ahahaha that brilliant army remake of mario 1

(8/7/2010 05:04:03) R.: yyyyyyyyyyyyyyeaahhhh i want to make my own cartridges

(8/7/2010 05:03:54) R.: ok after that comes the ownage semi-russian cartridge

(8/7/2010 05:03:28) R.: e

(8/7/2010 05:03:26) R.: uhhh what the hell is that hands - gam

(8/7/2010 05:03:08) R.: aaaaa holy shit SUPER 2000 Disney 4 looks like cartoon porn

(8/7/2010 05:02:25) R.: M I S S I N G

(8/7/2010 05:02:15) R.: aaaaahahahah i'm going to die

(8/7/2010 05:02:03) R.: ahahah punch out 1 is brilliant

(8/7/2010 05:01:32) R.: how daft punk's album covers ALWAYS should had looked

(8/7/2010 05:01:21) R.: aaaaaaaa holy shit 97 tennis looks like

(8/7/2010 05:00:32) R.: yeah that owned

(8/7/2010 05:00:19) R.: ahahaha that mario with yellow cap

(8/7/2010 04:59:38) R.: what a polite cartridge

(8/7/2010 04:59:32) R.: aaahahaha super mario 6 owns

(8/7/2010 04:59:18) R.: super mario world 9 is clever

(8/7/2010 04:59:00) R.: holy shit

(8/7/2010 04:58:57) R.: worstue ball is art

(8/7/2010 04:58:22) R.: super mario 14



so yeah the theme is sort of 8-bitish music on the darkside

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