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Placid's Elektrostatic Mix

Guest placid

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Mix is here - http://soundcloud.com/placid_88/placid-elektrostatic#


Facebook Gubbins - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Placid/191249620933551


now with added tracklist




passEnger –Frustration Device - Icon of Desire

Hisingen Electro vs. Petrovski – Monoworld - Stilleben

Sowing Paranoia –Polar Motion - Semantica

Basic Channel – Lyot Rmx - Basic Channel

Convextion –Oil On Metal - Time to Express

Pip Williams – Man Vs Machine - Shameless Toady

Superlife - Go Bananas - PPU

Unknown Artist - Untitled - AI

Tangula – Eye Of The Beholder - Diamtric

Mike Parker –Kaze No Oto - Timer to Express

Marco M. Bernd - Nighttrain - Ehrenfels

Skudge – First Observation EP - Echocord

Unknown Artist – Untitled - Havamal

Morphology – Nucleosynthesis - AC

Unknown Artist - Untitled - AI

Plant43 – Silent Pool - Semantica

ERP –Cold Colony - Semantica

errrrm i cant remember the name of this one….

Levon Vincent – Impression Of A Rainstorm - Novel Sound

Mike Parker – Thermo - Semantica

Omar S - HSG - Scion AV

Edanticonf – Winter Morning - Eclipsemusic

ERP - untitled - AI

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