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do you have a microphone ?

Guest yanG

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Guest yan_g of course!

i would like to gather, for a friend of mine (who makes music under the moniker Silencide), a bunch (enormous) of samples by different people saying "Silencide" or "77" and various sentences / expressions / slogans including those and that he could use in his music. the idea is actually to press a vinyl and scratch the samples so i could offer him 1 cd of samples (normal and scratched) and the vinyl. the more voices the better, the more funky freestyle things too !


would you help me offer him the best birthday present ever ?


thx !



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Guest Mr. Magoo
this was my first ever "electronica" track i ever did.







no midi sync or computer programe.. just the win 95 wmp and a zoom rythem trak 123. i was playing the texas chainsaw massacre video game on the C64 whcih is the sound effects



and this was a song i did with out any sort of 4 track. i used a mabisi 1982 cassette recorder.


using the playstation ones' music maker and my guitar - a cover of bucketehads wondering off colma




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heres my vocal
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