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Hello everyone,

My brother created this site out of necessity to share music in a very direct way without all the nonsense that networking sites like Facebook force upon you. It is basically a work in progress, but you can create an account and start sharing music immediately. It is also a great way to educate enthusiastic music listeners with a very low amount of structure or effort.


Just log in, post a song, listen to others, and you are done.


If you want to share your own personal creations that is okay as well.


You can create specific walls to fit a category of your choosing and then everyone can contribute their own favorites of that genre too.(similar to groups on facebook)


You can add friends, leave comments on posts, and like posts.


Soundcloud, mixcloud, and youtube are supported as well as other media types.


It would be great if you all blew his mind and started sharing loads of music. :music:






(Joyrex if you feel this is somehow against the rules or not something you want posted here then by all means remove the thread and my apologies.)

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