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Aeriae: June 2k12 room recording


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I have an Aeriae EP coming out on Clan Analogue this year (Peril Triage) but in the meantime I unearthed a 30 minute room recording of a June 2012 set rehearsal (!) that I like a lot and so decided to release.


It's on Soundcloud in whole and on Bandcamp in split track form.


To my knowledge, room recordings of live electronic music sets aren't generally A Big Thing, though they're a big thing amongst Autechre fans. That's how I got interested in them.
I meant to record a soundboard of rehearsals on an H4N but hit the wrong button and so recorded through the mic instead. The mic hadn't been set up for a live recording or pointed at anything in particular, but it must have been vaguely centred. The result was decent off the bat, and after boosting the mids and highs I was relatively amazed by the atmosphere of it.
It starts with an atmos and beats intro, then broken downtempo that builds over 10 minutes (Hedra, my fave) then continues with something that gets really keyboard stabby (Coldre), then something fast and easily the least tight and most chaotic performance (this was a rehearsal) and studded with vox samples of Hayley Foster, then from Chaingang (track name Ex Ex) and finally a racing version of Ai No Kuni (Ai No), with Swan Lake in it.
My rig at the time was based on Moldover's original Controllersim video:
- Macbook Pro
- Ableton Live
- Reaktor
- M-Audio Keystation 49: Live keyboard parts
- Novation Remote SL -
- Drumpads: Jump edits
- Touchpad: Stutter edits
- Joystick: Timeshift
- White keys: Scratch up/down, buzz, jump edit, reverse, 8 track gates
- Black keys: Sample launchers
- Mixer tracks: Drum, Melody, Vox, FX 1, FX 2, FX 3, Live keyboard, Master
- 1 custom FX smart knob per track, 2 on master
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