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Acid waxa / opal tapes cassettes and some others


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Selling this bunch of tapes with a memorex tape holder. Most of these have only been played once (if at all).



Make me an offer. I’m in Sweden so european shipping would be about 12-15 quid. Prefer to sell as a bunch because I’m lazy. Cheersba95a8d2c79758c92182fec048179961.jpg


Acid waxa stuff:


Roy of the ravers - acid royale

Roy of the ravers - live at the font

Various - wax jackettes Vol 1

Gem tree - Gaia

Chevron - tintagel house

Aftawerks - isle of dogs


Opal tapes :


Your planet is next - virgo moon

German army - te ano

E-saggila - old orders of beauty




Nocturne - 23 hanging trees (Sacred tapes #29)

Yin-yang - Kai Beckman (bedlam tapes)

Argiflex - breathless (bedlam tapes)

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