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Bach 2 Bach with Clark & Edna Stern @ philharmonie of Paris


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Hi all!

Clark will be in Paris the Sunday 10 may of 2020 ! 


It will be a particular show because the theme is Jean Sebastien Bach (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Johann_Sebastian_Bach)

Here is the google translation of the french description (i am french but i am too lazy to translate all by myself).

Two young musicians reclaim, each in their own way, the inexhaustible work of Johann Sebastian Bach: in the first part, the Israeli-Belgian pianist Edna Stern, and, in the second part, the English electronic producer Clark.

Having started her musical apprenticeship at the age of 6 and making her scales with mentors such as Martha Argerich and Krystian Zimerman, Edna Stern plays with such brilliance of piano and pianoforte. She is regularly invited to perform anywhere in the world, solo, chamber or orchestra. A great admirer of Bach, she goes through her repertoire with a free vivacity. The Cantor of Leipzig is the subject of an even more distorted approach by Clark, an electronic producer who occupies a prominent place in the British music scene. Author of a dozen albums (including two under the name of Chris Clark), he develops an impressionist universe oscillating between ambient, IDM and electronica.

Ticket already bought for me! Maybe i will see someone of the WATMM forum there? Let me know :)

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