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Late Summer Update

Posted by hautlle , 09 August 2011 · 2,693 views

music news releases
Realized I haven't posted in here for a loooooooong time now... Wow, since the 7th of January. I really need to get back on it and figured I've give a short update of recent happenings.

Firstly, back in March of this year I had a track released on an amazing compilation put out jointly by Complex Sound Sagacity and Karakasa Music. The "Karakasa vs CSS Collabs" series is a new concept, a collaboration between Karakasa(USA) and CSS(MT). The whole idea is that we give you the best artists out of the two netlabels in one package. This will include a special guest artist for every Collabs release. Collabs Vol.1 is now out spamming the web, With tracks from artists such as Oxynucid, HP Sneakstep, Acidburp, Fah, Kevin Polzer and many more. also includes a track by our first special guest Chevron. Previews and MP3/FLAC downloads are available here. I really feel that this compilation didn't get the attention it deserved when it finally was released.

Posted Image

Here's my track titled The Approximation of a Number of Dreams:


In late May a huge tornado ripped apart the town of Joplin, Missouri. Countless people were affected by this event, but even more came to the rescue. Nurses and doctors traveled many
miles to come and help the many victims of the natural disaster. While so many people were at the scene helping restore the town to something that resembled what they remember, many artists near and far came together to help as well. Recession Recordings released Bring Back Before, a charity album from which the proceeds were donated to a charity to help rebuild the town. 47 tracks total, available in both physical and digital formats. This beast also managed to get a bit of attention from Peter Kirn of Create Digital Music, which hopefully sent additional aid to the area.

Posted Image

Here's my addition to this album, a post-rock inspired piece titled Altered Plug


Most recently, I had a track released on Worlds Most Records, an upstart label to host compilations created largely by WATMM members. The first offering of the label is a Tribute to Nikola Tesla

Posted Image

It features some of WATMM's finest, and some very good friends of mine. Acidburp, William S. Braintree, Zephyr Nova, and Lascaille are a few of the artists found along with the person who organized the whole thing Asymmetrical Head. Some real quality tunes on this album, not a single "skipper" to be found in there.

Once again, here's my offering Corrosive Energies (name thanks to Upstanding Monk) :sup:


Thanks to everyone that continues to listen to the tunes I put out!

I recently sent some tracks to CSS, time to start putting another release of my stuff together. Stay tuned to my blog, facebook page, or soundcloud for all the latest tunes, releases and news :music:


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