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Flooded rockhamton in Central queensland



I just pop on the TV whilst waiting for the computer to fire up, and we have a live interview with the Rockhampton Mayor already in progress, from somewhere near what used to be banks of the now swollen fitzroy river. "the Media," I thought, "the fucking media".


Here is the major centre of the flood zone, the one that would have the best appointed hotels and motels and widest variety of paid for dining experiences. Now converged upon, but what must be a good proportion of this country's major media anchors and pundits, and by extension their crew, agents and perhaps even family. (And that's not counting the intrepid reporters from overseas, filing their stories from flood base Rockhamton)


I wonder then, where the flood effected are going to sleep ?


Oh that's right, they have a sleeping bag on an inflatable mattress on the floor of some converted schoolhouse now relabelled a disaster centre. I bet that's handy for the media too, having all these potential interviewees all in one place, makes the selection process so much less painful. You can choose from all shapes and sizes of victim and the most advantageous locations required for that days shooting.


-- gleh ...


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