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  1. excuse me mister but the sound @ 31 minutes look like an aphex twin unrealeased no ?
  2. it looks like a squarepusher unrealeased ? From where I had to post in the pusher subforum
  3. Some sounds good @ 27 min.... something unreleased?
  4. Heorge Garrison - Nag Champa Breaks thx , nice track :-)
  5. kettel :this is one of the best tracks ever made
  6. here we go https://soundcloud.com/jecta/plaid-live-johnny-brendas-philadelphia-pa-usa-live-31-01-2008
  7. i think i have found the 2008-01-31 Live AV Show @ Johnny Brendas, Philadelphia, PA, USA ill grab , if maybe interest
  8. https://soundcloud.com/jecta/wisp-live-colundi-2015-remaster-test01
  9. your welcome :) ps : anyone know what is this beast awesome track at 7 min ,?
  10. glad to pleasure herr jan d'arcangelo and monlith part 02 follow , when i got the time ps , i have so many lives i want to share but soundcloud are not free
  11. Perala , Wisp , penryn space agency dave monolith upload right now sets online on soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/jecta if someone can help me for remastring , it would be great im not really pro with audacity all files in wave
  12. here we go watmm somes set from colundi upload @ my soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/jecta enjoy ps d'arcangelo and penryn space agency follows que du bonheur
  13. WTF , IM going tonight , hope everything works fine .. colundi everyONE
  14. somebody have these on functional links? again ",? please !! Peeling Copydex Skin Standard Road Seretith Up The Cocopipe Avel Binaries Beef From A Pig Mildew Chuff
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