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  1. I guarantee Hans Zimmer didn't do any of the technical work in any of this (i.e., all of the work required to make electronic music). I went to see him live last year and he was shit. All of his chords progressions are the same. I also have the Zebra 2 "Dark Zebra" preset pack by Zimmer. No way on earth that cringe merchant programmed any of that. He gets a technician with real skill to do it all for him. I hate Hans Zimmer.
  2. I do agree, but it is an inescapable human trait.
  3. So, Highlights; M4 Lena si00 au14 sch.mefd.2 Mediumlights; gr4 psin AM The rest of it, nah.
  4. psin AM Nice mournful 4/4, with some cool modern side-chaining. Synths sound nice... synthy. Could do with some extra interest by the 3 min mark. r cazt Some big synth sounds in here, and the bass is nice and heavy. The constant brass stab becomes exhausting though and kind of jolts you awake all the time as you get bored throughout this aimless 7 minute "epic"
  5. gr4. I want to like these synth tracks but I just can't get that excited by them. The end of this one with the nice synth keys is good, and the processing shifts, and I feel more into it by the end that the beginning, but yeah. th red a. This just repeats the same 4 notes on loop the whole way through. I like the textures and dissonance in the synths and I like it more the second time, but that 4 note loop, on the beat gets boring. Shame, as the sounds in it are fucking great.
  6. sch.mefd.2 Fucking sorrow in the synths straight from the beginning. Big shaking bass as well, which shudders and slides around behind the intricate leads. I detect a bit of red-lining in the mix in the left channel, which I am not sure is intentional. The subtle gear change at 1:40 is really nice, then the energy pick up that follows really works well. This thing just keeps firing melody variation after complex melody variation at you; you get the shortest time to feel the emotion from them, then it is pulled away and replaced with another even better one and another gear
  7. Metaz form8. The synths sound good, but it doesn't really get me going and doesn't take me to the other place. Song structure is boring and repetitive. Would work as a sound track in a film, but not as a song on an album. Just my opinion, don't shoot me.
  8. au14. More into this the second time. A real nice update to the vibe from LP5 and EP7. Excellent hard kicks, and a flowing song structure. Loved the whole journey, the balance, and the fucking sheer Baroque of it. If I was being really picky, it could have done with a massive brass lead in the second half to completely kill us all but that was fucking good.
  9. si00. Was taken back by the bubbly keys at the start. Really weird and alien-aquatic. The huge slow cycling sine that comes in at 2:18 is the one. Layering up more leads and slow phasing pads over this is wicked and 3 mins I am somewhere else. The bass getting closer and more rezzy as it goes on it sick. Loses it a bit after about 4:30 and could have added more madness, or cut off early, but this was cool. esc desc. Opening bars are huge and I love the sound, but it doesn't go anywhere... Shame. Still good though, but yeah.
  10. F7 now. The opening bars are heavenly, dissonant, and really incredible. That fucking whole sound they do is epic. By 1:36 I want something new to happen. This feeling remains until about 4:56 when it starts to wind down and the howling is stripped back.
  11. I am listening to lossless M4 Lema with Sennheiser HD650, through a Tascam US-2x2 straight from my AMD Ryzen 7 rig, and it is pretty vast. Excellent and huge reverb oceans, a real modern LP5 vibe to it. Feels fucking otherworldly and absolutely ultra technology. A very mature and balanced control to it as well.
  12. That was good. Some excellent work in there. First track was probably the highlight for me. Really big and weighty. The first bubbly one too, was ace, especially when the bass came in. There were two others in there that were fucking great too. I'll figure out which ones they were later, so I am not just saying random words, then we can all froth other them together. The synth tracks could have been phenomenal, but repeating the same notes over and over wasn't the one for me. Other than that negative, I loved it.
  13. I prayed and prayed to the ae Gods for this, and they have delivered. Shatter me into infinity.
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