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  1. Nothing other than downloads to the new singles atm. "This summer" is the only date for the album release. https://surfing.100percentelectronica.com/
  2. Aww We still love you bro :love:
  3. "SO! I've been a bit of an idiot and undercharged the postage on the Phineus II album for overseas orders, leaving me with in the realms of an extra £1000 to pay... So, rather than sliding into everyone's DMs requesting more money, we've decided to do things a little different and involve a bit of fun, making the best of a bad situation". https://greenbaywax.bandcamp.com/album/green-bay-wavs-presents-the-going-postal-ep-raffle-edition-read-description
  4. Part 2 Collated some pictures from the many flashbak.com articles by decade. There may be some overlap. 1920-1940s, give them a look them for yourself: https://flashbak.com/category/1920s/ https://flashbak.com/category/1930s/ https://flashbak.com/category/1940s/ More decades to come.
  5. My fave Gregorian chant, from an old music library pack no less.
  6. Yeah, mynoise.net is toppatop. Always preferred Old Roman Chant and Byzantine Chant over Gregorian however.
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