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  1. Can anyone tell me how to embed youtube links in here? Anyway, premier is Sunday 18th Feb not 17th... sorry. Tickets available now!
  2. mnemonix


  3. Thank you! DAW is Cubase LE & interface is an M-Audio Fast Track Ultra.
  4. My limited hardware set up comprises TR-626, Volca Keys, Waldorf Rocket & Monotron Delay with a couple of VSTs covering bass & pad duty until the day I can afford a Minitaur and something polyphonic. I sense there's something deeply unfashionable about it all. [sc5]266598369[/sc5] [sc5]266441434[/sc5]
  5. Cool. My TR-626 appears on everything I do.
  6. [sc5]263668951[/sc5] [sc5]264144221[/sc5] I'm not entirely sure what it is I'm trying to achieve.
  7. Sometimes made me think of Animal Collective's naive experimentalism, sometimes that you weren't sure yourself what it was meant to be but I enjoyed it nevertheless.
  8. I'll be honest with you. I didn't really enjoy it.
  9. Neat. Makes me think of Gonja Sufi. Kinda.
  10. Boing! This is lovely. Can't help but be reminded of early Mouse On Mars, but it still has an original sound and lightness of touch.
  11. I really like the thumb piano thing that comes in around 0:30 which makes me think it's going to go off in an interesting 4 Tet kind of direction... Unfortunately it just ends up being driven into the background by the rest of it, which comes across to me as slightly bland and generic - but then its not really my kind of music so don't take that to heart.
  12. Nice! I'd describe it as sounding a bit like a Modeselektor intro! Interesting crunchy beats and a melody that goes beyond conventional dance music. Personally, I'd like to hear it develop beyond the stacato thing (which gets a bit tiring) with some low end woomp over which you could reprise the melody maybe?
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