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  1. I listened to this on repeat in work the last two days, its a great release. I know it's probably a bit crude to do artist comparisons, but in my head its somewhere between The Other People Place and Hot Chip.
  2. I was. I was saying its very sound of you to give me the link, thank you.
  3. Only read the last few replies but Im happy that this seems like an enjoyable release. Gonna have a look now
  4. Would like to have that track on wax, Acid Waxa seems to release loads of stuff lately but really far in advance.
  5. I dont know if there should be a new thread for it, but AT's Fieldwork EP got a repress this week. So you can pick that up if you didn't get it last week. Its an amazing ep. EDIT: Lunar Disco are also well sound, just as a general note.
  6. This is actually class, I dont know why I wait around to hear it. Pump it is a whopper dnb from Archer.
  7. The full download in 404, can we get Joyrex to fix that?
  8. Any Anodyne gigs going when were allowed back in the clubs?
  9. Relax there fella, we are on a forum dedicated to the discussion of music of a few artists. I dont think a thread with the intention of possibly getting some auld tunes released in physical form is that offensive. Hunger is the best sauce and all that.
  10. Would be great if it were to happen.
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