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  1. You can't trust biccies in metal tins. My childhood was full of fucking metal biscuit tins with sewing paraphernalia in them.
  2. I finally listened to my copy today. Just the 76:14 and the pressing is perfect, absolutely no complaints. Will be getting into the rest of it over the weekend.
  3. Ah right, Id say with the severe lack of air travel, the price of cargo by air freight makes prohibitive.
  4. I bought my laptop from there, so I think they do. Cant remember but maybe I just had to pay customs.
  5. Not that familiar with ordering PC parts but newegg is usually pretty cheap: https://www.newegg.com/Motherboards/Category/ID-20
  6. Last album was very good, so looking forward to hearing this.
  7. This one is new but is quite good https://forestdrivewest.bandcamp.com/album/terminus-ep
  8. I heard the 1 track and it sounded good. Will wait to hear the full release before I make my judgement.
  9. Also that whole album sampler sounds class. And I met Luke twice and he was so lovely both times.
  10. Thats a very good point I never thought about. This LP cost a load cos it was pressed in US and was imported to EU. But there's loads of class stuff that's pressed in UK and is that gonna be subject to tariffs leaving UK going to EU going forward?
  11. I'd like some more threads on African music please. Been really enjoying some MC Yallah, who I think is from Kenya with Eomac. Her album is actually class also:
  12. The warning is about shipping from the US isn't it? Its advising EU based people to wait for a records store closer to home. EDIT: $5 is insane for shipping, a fucking letter in Ireland costs nearly 2€
  13. Mine arrived, superficially its pristine. No scuffs etc. I moved recently so still haven't hooked back up my turntable. I do hope they sound decent.
  14. I find it pretty funny that people can listen to 8 hours of Autechre, but this album is truly baffling them.
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