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  1. Mines also red with black marble, tunes are great though.
  2. I was pretty disappointed. The stripped all the energy out of track, which would usually be fine but the drums the put back in sounds like something from some pre-sets. Remember when they remixed Skeng, can they do that again please. Just take a track and make it more evil somehow.
  3. Ye I managed to get it. Was just luck I was at my desk at the time.
  4. I think its a live b2b set that was recorded to tape. Its not split A side artist and B side Artist. That's not my understanding anyway, and none of the tracklists on cassette or digital suggest this.
  5. The blurb for this album sounds mental. Its on my list to have a listen.
  6. Message Simo on bandcamp and he'll probably give digitals if you pay whatever. https://simocell.bandcamp.com/album/temetape1-skee-mask-b2b-simo-cell
  7. Managed to grab a tape, only had a chance to listen to A side which was class.
  8. It was definitely one of my top records, flows really well.
  9. You waited a whole day, but anyway not necessarily albums and some are singles, the nature of the beast did lend itself more to EPs, this was all future garage. If you want to find some decent garage just go here: https://dnrvinyl.co.uk/product-category/garage/ Mount Kimbie - Crooks and Lovers VVV - The Projects EP FaltyDL - Hip Love & Make it Difficult Machinedrum - Room(s) C.R.S.T - Dial The Operator Emalkay - Angie Got Stoned Deadboy - Here 4 U & Kerri Koreless - Sun Floating Points - Vacuum Boogie
  10. I forgot about this and I did not make much head way into it.
  11. chassis

    Go Corbyn

    It can be both you know? He could have failed to adequately deal with genuine antisemitism it and also people who have weaponized some issues of antisemitism in the party and deliberately conflated that with speaking out against Israels actions in order to paint the leader as antisemitic. I think it would be tough to deal with the issue of antisemitism in a political party at the best of times, but when a large chunk of the party are actively trying to undermine your leadership I think the task might be impossible. Again, I would state that victims of antisemitism should be listened to an
  12. You can't trust biccies in metal tins. My childhood was full of fucking metal biscuit tins with sewing paraphernalia in them.
  13. I finally listened to my copy today. Just the 76:14 and the pressing is perfect, absolutely no complaints. Will be getting into the rest of it over the weekend.
  14. Ah right, Id say with the severe lack of air travel, the price of cargo by air freight makes prohibitive.
  15. I bought my laptop from there, so I think they do. Cant remember but maybe I just had to pay customs.
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