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  1. Listened to this the other day and its so very good.
  2. https://www.discogs.com/UNKLE-UNKLE-1-Rough-Mix-UNKLE-Session/release/18098674 some lunatics as usually trying to sell for massive prices on discogs.
  3. My bundle arrived last week. The 7", cassette and tshirt. I actually dont have a 7" converter for my turntable so maybe Ill get one now.
  4. I think filtering is actually becoming less and less popular. You can see brands like carlsburg releasing their unfiltered larger etc. I agree ale don't really need to be filtered all that much, just enough so you're not pickin' bits out of your teeth. But people do like the look of a clear larger, plus leaving un-filtered because it has a better taste is a bit redundant to me as most largers don't have a particularly strong taste anyway.
  5. I can't even remember the last time I posted in this thread, but Ireland has upped its craft beer game by so many levels since then its unreal. I used to buy an American beer every time I went to the offo 3 years ago and now I can't even keep up with the beers being release here. Deez few are good
  6. I wanted to download to my phone, but it says you have to download the app first. The app opens to a screen of sign in or register but neither seem to launch the pages correctly. EDIT: can someone else download it and lash it up?
  7. Can listen here https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000szwp loads of UR stuff at the end class
  8. Im am looking forward to getting a copy when I figure out how not have to offer up my first born as a sacrifice to the postal worker gods.
  9. I presume the point was to be able to get them converted into digital?
  10. I have a sony walkman and a Technics M205 and honestly, if you want it to be easy, just buy a walkman (with a chrome head) that was recently refurbed or serviced so the head is clean and the belts are good. If you have tapes that are old they are going to sound like shit anyway.
  11. Class. Bit disappointed lackluster didnt make the record. He usually has great remixed. The Anodyne cassette was ed. of 150 and its still in stock on bleep, cant believe it isn't gone.
  12. Mines also red with black marble, tunes are great though.
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