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  1. Been enjoying a lot of the back catalogue recent, I must give this one a listen.
  2. Its really good EP and I think I'll start using bandcamp app on my phone to play stuff in future. Track 5 was also my favoruite too.
  3. Heyup something for isolation Embed not working? https://eodtracks.bandcamp.com/album/-
  4. 10 years ago I start the thread, unfortunately my old pc is up on blocks and I'd love to give this a whirl.
  5. I got this and it's very good https://boomkat.com/products/if-this-is-a-dream-i-don-t-ever-want-to-wake-up
  6. I was looking for this, like an earworm in my head. Took me ages to figure out what it even was. Dust covered is class.
  7. Some fucker paid for a track and I have been receiving emails for 2 years now saying I need to claim 72p, which I can't do. Whoever that was, you're a cunt.
  8. chassis

    B12 love

    I started this 8 years ago. I got my nice gold record of time tourist. But I still listen to Dave Brubeck most weeks, its such an unreal tune.
  9. Coincidentally, I have been listening to this a lot over the last week. Seems like a few years since I did, but is probably only 1 or 2. Might be my favourite album, I think it's more coherent than Bytes, probably because Bytes is more like a compilation, but I struggle to put one over the other.
  10. If the DNC dont give the ticket to Sanders, the DNC are giving you Trump.
  11. chassis

    Go Corbyn

    The bits had a leader of a major political party who actually gave a shit about people and they couldn't give a shit. Fuck yiz, you deserve brexit, enjoy. Maybe you'll be happy when you get another war criminal at the helm of Labour.
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