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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WAV64QgrKcY :cerious: :cerious: :diablo:
  2. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4K7SHaQ9iF8TlRWVzRpczc5S0E
  3. Oldy But goody
  4. Published on Jun 16, 2014 Performance im Rahmen der Art Basel 2014
  5. https://clone.nl/item40453.html http://www.junodownload.com/plus/2016/05/09/enter-the-jazzchamber-with-sfv-acid/
  6. Yeah, I have a devilfish, and its super sick, but the avalon is like having a new 303 with Mods, fresh metals, fresh sequencer, wow!!! The devil fish is super nice for filtering chords, so you can get accented stabs with melodies and things, I wonder how the avalon works in that situation, I hope you can turn off all the OSC's OH bOy
  7. Four tets aloud to do anything now because he had such buttery (good) stuff when he was poppin off, Uggh gloating foints?... ew CFCF is a richboy who has nothing else to do besides get a redbull sponsor for making some kind of psuedo new age. People need to start looking through these nothings in music relevance.
  8. Uggghh, this stuff is weak maladjusted weak boy Bull sh*t Im not hearing a visceral tone of harnessing any kind of emotion thats happening in the world, All I hear is a bored mind making cute stuff to satisfy a boring sunday afternoon......... No content in sound, will be a dust bin WAV file before you know it
  9. Fuck did it again! https://sfvacid818.bandcamp.com/album/barely-slippin-hq-dmart 2 in one day!! madmen
  10. Haha the dudes up loading pseudonyms Jus nownow https://sfvacid818.bandcamp.com/album/jazz-chamber
  11. DUDE JUST Uploaded another https://sfvacid818.bandcamp.com/album/grown
  12. https://sfvacid818.bandcamp.com https://sfvacid818.bandcamp.com https://sfvacid818.bandcamp.com
  13. Hey, Has anyone been finding new SFVACID tracks posted anywhere other then YOUTUBE and SOUNDCLOUD? ALL I CAN FIND IS OLD STUFF AMD NO WAVZ!
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