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  1. I went to school for music and took up to college senior music theory so I know a lot. Its just the use of it is hard make stuff I havent heard a million times. I need my songs to make sense harmonically its just a pet peeve when I hear a song where i can just tell who ever made it has no sense of how notes fit together at all. But music is so much more enjoyable when artists can take common motifs that you recognize but then spin it to something interesting and fresh that still has the same feel of outer movement. I used to write lots of counter points and such but im trying to learn more about using alt chords and being able to substitute for tension and then resolve things more dramatically.
  2. I sometimes sample myself playing other sounds through eqs and fx till it's shaped like I want
  3. To make a track louder, you need to turn somethings down and take out useless frequencies.
  4. I know quite a bit about music theory but am no jazz master. I feel like my mind is always pushing for too straight forward melodies and harmonies. It lacks surprising and interesting ornamentaions and harmonic movement. Any one have any rules of thumb they follow for stuff like this? Techniques?
  5. You shouldn't be driven to make music for anyone but yourself and what you think sounds the best you can make it. Unless the only reason you make music is to try and be famous
  6. I always think I have that feeling when I know I have something good and then I listen to it later and see tons of obvious bad choices.
  7. I start tracks with drums all the time I think its a fine way to do things. Its important that the harmonic structure of the song be accenting and accentuating the back beat. Its important to tune your drums together and base the key around that.
  8. It stresses me out when I do shit thats wasting time not working on music.
  9. Plonk from intelijel. Also Mutable instruments elements and rings can do drums and more
  10. Also Getting expert sleepers es3 has completely been a game changer for how I make music. No MORE FUCKING MIDI SYNC. I got a midi3 from pittsburgh but barely use it now
  11. It all depends on what you want the synth to do. The first thing I did was make a mono synth voice with a filter, osc, few env/lfo, made my own case and power board. It was not close to 1k$. But as ive expanded its now reached like 3 or 4k =)
  12. Yeah I got one. I've put so much fucking work into that think haha. I modded it a bunch and also replaced a lot of the parts to the 303 spec one.
  13. No not at all. Analog is like a fucking animal. Don't get me wrong digital synthesis is amazing and so crazy deep people are still just working out the potential with granular and wavetables and shit. But working with analog is almost like having a conversation with this piece of gear. And the ways that analog circuits natural resonate with pitches found naturally in nature. (i.e no odd harmonics in the overtones.) And plus its just more fun to be able to just grab a knob compared to micro editing some shit in serum. But also Tuning all the analog shit and fixing it when something gets fucked up is the my less favorite aspect of analog.
  14. Some times I do. Usually its just so i can mentally pick it apart some more. But if I make a track that I think I pulled off some kind of sound particularly well, I will try and figured out just how i did it.
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