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  1. Hell yea, sounds like a fun set!
  2. I'm only a few hours in, but it is really fuckin good so far
  3. Me too! Very weird game, but so far interesting. I just downloaded this today. Even with the glowing reviews, gameplay vids made me believe I still wouldn't enjoy the game. I was very wrong
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bIwZ4mX6pHY&t=742s
  5. One true and one false statement in so few words, well done!
  6. Killing of a Sacred Deer was just like Lorganassthermos doing a parody of Lorganasstits which is itself is a parody of Lorganautistictoast and falling out of his own ass.
  7. This is something that I made back in my crazier days that I completely forgot was online. If you like fucked up shit, this might appeal to you
  8. http://time.com/5159134/who-is-the-florida-shooter-parkland-nicolas-cruz/
  9. Probably my favorite movie. The way the visuals, music, and storytelling go together is masterful. It's like a play, symphony, movie, acid trip, and opera all had a baby.
  10. Guys, geez. It all depends on what you are trying to do with the song in question. Composing a tune with a free flowing melody, as fxbip said, works well in some contexts. In others, bringing in some classically uniform techniques such as stating a theme, variations on the theme, and recapitulation will work great. A lot of electronic music doesn't have to stray away from a single key or have any kind of development. Personal preferences will dictate how they are received, as well as the current mood of the listener. There are no rules, but I think one thing that has been stated in this thread that I completely agree with is that learning theory is not going to hinder your creative output. My opinion is, if you are going to dedicate a serious amount of time to making music, why not learn as much as you can about it?
  11. https://soundcloud.com/auditorsounds/wool
  12. Bushwick Tries to be that scene from Children of Men for an hour and a half. Succeeds occasionally, fails more. The female lead is not good.
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