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  1. I have the original demo if anyone is bored and wants to hear what was added
  2. Really cool formant sound, reminds of some of the Tuss and later Analord eps, love the breaks, really well programmed, was this done with a tracker?
  3. Nice ambience and chilled groove, love the noise percussion sound, very organic and analog sounding. The little vocal parts create a good unsettling mood and the chromatic melodies and interesting, has a nursery-like quality to it.
  4. Like the pop sound, nice tight production and engineering, has the sweeping, soaring sound of some Last Step and a slightly less wild sounding version of The Tuss, great acid and chord progression, really enjoyable!
  5. Love the loose groove, there's a nice little harmony at the start of every couple of measures that kinda defines the key well, the occasional sounds that come in are really unexpected and sound more like samples which gives it a very offbeat feel, very original sound track!
  6. Nice breakcore grooves, has a very industrial sound to the drums, love the little blip riff, the underlying bass note has a driving drone to it. THe second reminds me of some of the 'Classics' album material and some of his other early aliases. nice early-90's techno arpeggio, very nostalgic.
  7. Love the reggae guitar halfway thru, the melody on the lead synth is really fun, I like the reverbs atmosphere a lot!
  8. Really nice full mix, the 'guitar' samples are so expressive, great world music fusion with some awesome squelches and grunts, almost ICBYD or Donkey Rhubarb-ish, love it!
  9. Nice drum and bass, great reese line and the steady beat, very cool almost video game vibe to it!
  10. Great chill out vibe! I like the way he vocoder is in a totally different key, has a good jarring quality to it. I don't know why it sounds so medical to me, but I like it, makes it sound a bit eery. Great grainy percussive sounds, the whole track has a nice grainy sound to it with the vinyl noise, great stuff!
  11. Very analordy, love the Baltic sound string melody, the tone of the sound is really rich, the acids really nice and soothing, I love sub-90bpm tempos!
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