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  1. Open-minded literally means: "willing to consider new ideas; unprejudiced" ...and therefore some members of this forum are not being open-minded.
  2. OK I take it all under wraps - even the more sarcastic or just plain ruuuuuuuuuuuude comments about my post. I wasn't saying all on the list are just copying Afx's style and are just plain clones. I was insinuating that they may share some thing in common with Afx, which in my book ain't a bad thing. I would love to be compared to a genius musically.
  3. wdym windows? gaysextwin is on the list just for some reason this site changed it to aphex twin. What is with all the haters here? I always thought AFX listeners would be cool dudes/dudettes! Just trying to have a decent conversation with likeminded people. Mall Grab's less housey stuff is pure afx. Paul McCartney did his best work under the banner 'The Fireman', which is an electronic duo of Mccartney and Youth. Prefer his Beatle's wprk though!
  4. Decent tunes - esp. Bonzo the Cat. Ignore the haters!
  5. APhex Twin in G section should read G-A-Y-S-E-X T-W-I-N but there seems to be some sort of autocorrect filter on Just found another - Grant from Eastenders (see Bandcamp)
  6. This is not a thread for bashing these musicians for being soundalikes but a paean to these individual artistes. Each of these is great in their own right - I particularly love Bumtrumpet - great name, great music: 3rd armpit A Guy Called Richard A. Phex Brothers Acidophallus Alex Trevithick Alex Twin Amen andrews - news of the world (2014) AnaFxer Analogical Force Andre Riizing Aphex Andrews apparat B.R. Posse Bjarki Bochum Welt Brainwaltzera Bumtrumpet Carl Michael Von Hausswolff Crossdaddy Bonebags Dj Richard Dr Dinsync dwaalicht Dwig EOD Fingerskin Florian Hertz Fluorescent Grey ' Gasmanmusic Aphex Twin Give Cornish Trance a chance Global Goon Guavid H.P. Sneakstep Heorge Garrison Heorge Garrison Human Mirth Tube Unit Iglooghost Impakt Japanese Telecom KerenDun & Yudko - What It Is - 2015 (Raw Tapes) - FLAC - WEB Kettel Kinesthesia Kinesthesia (cat014) kinesthesia - kinesthesia volume 2 Lanark Artefax Lorn Ludwig A.F. Röhrscheid Mall Grab manor boys Milieu Monolith aka Dave Monolith aka Mnlth Not Aphex Twin Nuages Ochre Odan Philops photodementia plus ten rehab drum machine soundcloud trax Richard D Jizzlips Richard Devine richrud d jomes Rolando Simmons Rone Run Jeremy's Window Licker RX-101 Sally Cinnamon Sepha Shit n Shine Somadril Steve The Carrier Wave The Florists The Other Aphex Twin The Railway Raver Th'idiot Trackermatte Unknown Qiameth Gogobox EP unknown Strepsipter Untrkmind Vhom & Skønflap Vodor L Zeck V-Vm Wisp Does anyone know any other AFX-soundalikes/copyists?
  7. that should read Aphex Twin Wow It literally changes G-A-y-S-E-X T-W-I-N to aphex twin each time
  8. I don't really care if it is him as I really like it. I also love much of the music done by his copyists such as the fake Tuss tracks and Aphex Twin
  9. I found this and it sounds sufficiently like him for me to believe: Musters Mus_206317192 - unknown.mp3
  10. This is where i got info from: https://rareafx.wordpress.com/user48736353001-soundcloud-2015/
  11. Baeocystic (1993) (5,13) CAT034 009 (6,06) Custom Break Acid [shroom edit] (3,25) Moog labsm (7,41) Musters Mus (1,56) Overt Indication (6,37) Plectra (2006) (4,12) Plutonic Acid (4,30) Radars Balked Byte (2,41) I cannae find them anywhere - are they even real?
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